Before traveling for work, Leticia Spiller enjoys the beach with her children: ”Beautiful family”

Leticia Spiller appears stunning alongside her children, Pedro and Stella, enjoying the day at the beach

Leticia Spiller (48) enjoyed the heat of last Sunday, 22, in style!

The actress posted a click next to her two children, Pedro Novaes (24) and Stella (10), and showed that he enjoyed the sunny day at the beach, before traveling to his next job. “Giving the puppies a sniff and love”, began the artist.

“Before I leave on a trip for another new job. Good rest of Sunday for you!”, ended.

– Leticia Spiller rescues childhood clicks on her 10th birthday and the web praises

In the comments, Leticia and her children won praise from followers: “beautiful”, “beautiful”, “always successful”, “beautiful beautiful”, were just some of the sweet messages.

Leticia Spiller makes a beautiful statement on the birthday of her ex-husband, Marcello Novaes

On the last 13th, Marcello Novaes turned 59 and won a beautiful tribute from his ex-wife, Leticia Spiller. “And today is the day of this good guy, friend, wonderful father, amazing human being that we were lucky enough to father our children, right @betasheyla?! Our love @marcellonovaesreal, I have to call it ours, because I’m sure that this wonderful audience loves you!”, wrote in an excerpt.

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