Biel comments on ‘Ilha Record’ and comparisons with Thomaz Costa – Entertainment

Facing the challenge of going to a reality show is not always an easy task, even more considering the unpredictable dynamic that can happen each week of the game, as is the case of Island Record. In an interview with R7, Biel talked about the differences between The Farm 12, program in which he was runner-up, and the current one, presented by Sabrina Sato. He also commented on the comparisons the audience made between him and Thomaz Costa, one of the participants of the Island.

Right away, the artist revealed what he thinks about each format and delivered what is his favorite reality show. “I personally think the Island Record easier, but I prefer The farm for the simple fact that any participant can be a champion, whether he is a sportsman or a sedentary… The competitions [em A Fazenda] they are not always of strength and agility”, he justified.

The singer also talked about the fact that the Island has already been recorded and does not have a public vote. “At farm, the reflection of their attitudes counts too much, as they will be judged by the public. The public sees it all! Unlike what happens in Island.”

Since he challenged himself to participate in a reality show, Biel said he analyzes the participants with different eyes. “I started to see the pressure that the guys suffer when they’re inside. Nowadays, it’s my obligation to admire and respect every reality participant. It’s really crazy to be inside,” he said, laughing.

The musician also talked about the comparisons that have been made, on social media, between him and the youngest competitor in the Island, Thomas Costa. “It’s hard to talk about the similarities in the game, but the physical similarity was always noticed. We’ve been friends for almost 10 years and they’ve always compared us,” he joked.

Finally, Biel commented on Phoenix, the latest musical release alongside MC LelĂȘ and revealed that he sees Tays Reis as his future wife. “This project is the outcome of a renaissance story. Phoenix he came to draw, for those who had not yet understood, that the past is really a place of reference for me today, not residence. My participation in farm it consecrated the rebirth of a person, not just an artist, who had been widely discredited. I won, I made a comeback and today I live my best life, I have an indescribable future wife by my side and I am happier than ever.”