Brasileira says Ellen’s team chooses the ‘thin’ in the audience

Luiza Laude, 27, told on her TikTok profile the unpleasant experience of participating in a recording of the Ellen Degeneres Show, presented by Ellen Degeneres, in 2012. In the video, the Brazilian said that the producers select the audience by ” order of beauty”.

“I hated every second […] I was living in the United States and my parents came to visit me there at the end of the year. A friend of mine from college won two tickets to the program but couldn’t go. So he offered it to me. Of course I accepted”, says Luiza.

“It was me and my mother on the day of the recording. As soon as I arrived, the producers were already being super rude and obnoxious, totally impatient, because my mother didn’t speak English. Then they called everyone and colored us in a small room without giving any information .”

“We were there for a long time, waiting until a guy and a girl came in and started calling people into the studio by order of beauty. Yes, guys. I’m not kidding. , blonde and slender”, recalls TikToker.

“It’s okay that it’s a television show, and I would have ignored it if it weren’t for Ellen, who always preaches the message of being nice to each other. I was really shocked and disappointed. Since I was chubby back then, I ended up being one. of recent calls.”

Luiza Laude also said that the producers did not let her mother enter the studio. “I was super upset, feeling horrible and I felt like crying,” said Luiza, who said the only good part of the program was the participation of Zac Effron and Ed Sheeran.

On air since 2003, Ellen Degeneres Show will end in 2022. At the end of last year, the American presenter who runs the attraction faced accusations from former employees, who claimed that the work environment was “toxic” and “abusive” .