Braz gets annoyed about Flamengo being benefited and counters a question about Pedro’s eventual call-up: ‘They want to make a mess’

This Monday (23), the vice football player Marcos Braz spoke with journalists at Ninho do Urubu. And the leader of the Flamengo answered some questions.

The question that made Braz the most serious was about Flamengo being benefited from games postponed by the CBF – the return of Brazil’s Cup against Guild was transferred to September 15th on behalf of FIFA Date. The top hat joked about such benefit.

“Benefit? I’m seeing the benefits…”, Braz said, in an ironic tone, and then said that he didn’t understand the question and the meaning of it being asked, as he doesn’t see the benefits of having a game postponed so that the schedule is later tight.

“I didn’t understand the question. I swear, I’m not being ironic, I don’t understand why it can benefit Flamengo. That doesn’t happen. There’s no benefit. I don’t know. I don’t see any benefit. Flamengo is tight on the calendar, CBF made an adjustment, no I know if it’s necessary. I’ll alleviate a little more if this stop is going to be good or bad. There’s no difference,” he added

Also during the press conference, Braz was asked about Flamengo being prioritizing the Libertadores Conmebol and the Copa do Brasil in relation to the brazilian. Immediately, he pointed out that the club focuses on the three competitions and has no agreement to preserve athletes in the Brazilian Nationals.

“There’s no alignment. There’s no priority on championships. I’m in my fourth Brazilian and the players gave me three titles. I’m aware of the size of being Brazilian champion. It’s impossible to describe happiness. I’m aware of being able to be a three-time champion in a row. Flamengo has it. this opportunity. We made a strategy against the Ceará which goes through numbers, information from other departments, especially the doctor. Decisions were made. It’s not about choosing or prioritizing. In fact, the president’s determination is to try to win every championship.”

Braz also shot against the Brazilian football calendar. According to him, Flamengo competes in four competitions and cited the qualifiers as the club’s ‘algoz’. In addition, he was asked about a possible release in case Pedro was summoned after the Liverpool veto Firmino and hit back firmly.

“Flamengo doesn’t dispute three championships. Brazilian, Copa do Brasil, Libertadores and also the qualifiers of the world Cup. Lose four, five players in the squad”.

“As they want to mess with Pedro. Let him be called up and then I’ll answer,” he concluded.