Braz opens the game over Thiago Mendes and reveals the midfielder’s task force to leave Lyon

O Flamengo hired Andreas Pereira and Kenedy last week. And one name is still quoted to arrive: Thiago Mendes.

During the press conference this Monday (23), the vice football player Marcos Braz did not close the door on the midfielder. Also during the journalists’ questions, the top hat admitted a difficulty in negotiating with the Lyon, but made a point of exalting Thiago’s posture by doing everything to come to Flamengo.

“We started a process of trying to hire. Complex situation. It was bought for almost 30 million euros. Then there are two crazy people wanting a cheap loan for the quality that we understand the player has. We follow the ritual. Do you want? Are you interested in helping us? to go and drag, but sometimes it’s not possible. It’s different from having the money and going out there and dragging,” Braz said, in addition.



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“Some of us didn’t spend a euro. Gabi, Filipe Luís, Thiago Maia… Thiago Mendes did everything to come to Flamengo. We went to Lyon because we got a move from the player that we never thought. He said he would give it up to two more years. to the club earning less if they had the release. I have to thank them, regardless of whether they come or not. And I respect Lyon. We understand,” he concluded.

According to the newspaper the team, Thiago Mendes is on a list of marketable players for Lyon. However, the French club does not want to give up the athlete without financial compensation.

On the other hand, Flamengo is looking for a loan along the lines of Andreas Pereira, free of charge, or Kenedy, with a low value, and with a purchase option. Lyon wants a mandatory sale.