Braz says why Arrascaeta’s renewal with Flamengo stalled even after a five-year offer and salary increase

Since 2019 in the Flamengo, Arrascaeta joined the club’s idol gallery with important titles. One of the highlights of Renato Gáucho’s team, the Uruguayan is experiencing a contractual imbroglio.

Despite the bond until the end of 2023, the athlete’s staff wants the agreement signed in 2019 to purchase 20% of the economic rights belonging to the Defender to be made. However, due to the pandemic, Flamengo withdrew in the acquisition.

This Monday, Marcos Braz’s soccer runner-up gave a press conference after Andreas Pereira’s presentation. Asked about the soap opera Arrascaeta, the top hat opened the game about the situation, admitted that meetings are being held to seal the new agreement, but admitted that there is no deadline to finalize it. “We systematically hold meetings to overcome the current stage. There are two issues in the same case. The financial situation and working time, which are already adjusted. And there is the point that the entrepreneur understands that we have to advance further in the percentage that already exists we have Arrascaeta. We understand the positions of the athlete and the businessman. It’s not absurd, “said Braz, to complete.

“It doesn’t mean that we need to advance in the complete percentage. We have to be calm and do it in a fair and correct way. If there’s anyone who believes in Arrascaeta and respects it, it’s us from that board. We bought it for a large amount of money and we were right.” , completed.

Then Braz insisted on praising the Uruguayan. According to him, for all he had achieved within the club, Arrascaeta became the most important foreigner in Flamengo’s history.

“For me, Arrascaeta is the biggest foreigner in Flamengo’s history. Even with two and a half years of contract, we are at your disposal to make a new five-year contract. Flamengo will give the increase and the possible orders, but we have to have calm down. I have no doubt that we’ll solve it, without pressure. It’s no use that it doesn’t happen overnight,” he concluded.