Braz’s vent about “Tondela case” exposes new cold war chapter in Flamengo’s backstage | Flamengo

An incisive answer that started with “I’m not going to talk about it” and says a lot more about an old political conflict in Flamengo than what was asked.

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Marcos Braz did not refrain from asking questions about the project that foresees a partnership with Tondela, from Portugal. Behavior that internally sounded much more like a message to the deputy of finance, Rodrigo Tostes, than an explanation on the subject.

“This subject was irritating. In the middle of a window and having to talk about Tondela. I’ve been at Flamengo since I was eight years old. I’ve heard and seen everything. I won’t talk about this subject. First, President Landim never mentioned it to me, and there is another point: if Flamengo actually goes to the market and wants to be associated with another club, with money or not, because Flamengo has a lot of assets that are not money, this needs to pass on Flamengo’s advice,” said Braz. (See the full statement at the end of this article)

Marcos Braz gave a long answer about the Tondela case on Monday — Photo: Alexandre Vidal/Flamengo

It is not new that the soccer and finance vices are heading in different directions. It’s like a new round of the conflict between Ninho do Urubu and Gávea, who already had BAP as an antagonist and now has in Tostes the figure that clashes with Braz. Cold war that comes from the beginning of the Landim administration.

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For some time now, the soccer runner-up has seen himself as the target of the trio BAP, Tostes and Gustavo Oliveira, vice of communication and marketing, and the confrontations generally take place more in a veiled than direct way. The episode Tondela, which has the deputy of finance as the main behind-the-scenes supporter, is just one more.

Marcos Braz’s nearly three-minute answer to the question “is Tondela close?” reverberated in the corridors of Gávea and the collective perception is that it was exaggerated. Two points drew special attention in the reviews on the subject.

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The first was the fact that Braz never even expressed himself in the sense of questioning or taking a stand on the agenda. After Andreas Pereira’s press conference, there was an hour-long meeting of the football council on directions for the final stretch of the season and planning for 2022, and the topic of Tondela was ignored.

Another point was the fact that his faithful squire, Bruno Spindel, is aware of everything that is going on and Braz indicates that he has no deeper knowledge of the progress. The soccer runner up treated the subject as irritating and said that “Landim never brought it up with me”.

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So far Tostes has not made public statements about the project in Portugal. The tendency is for this to happen only after approval by the Board, in September, and after the contract is signed.

Rodrigo Tostes with Landim. VP of finance returned to Flamengo in February 2020 — Photo: Reproduction

The relationship between Braz and Tostes began to deteriorate in the episode of Diego Alves’ controversial contract renewal, at the end of 2020. At the time, the finance deputy was firm in rejecting the initial agreement sewn by Bruno Spindel and initiated a slur on war that ended with the goalkeeper flexing until the new bond was defined.

The dispute for autonomy in football actions continued with a firm hand in the release of funds maintained in the first transfer window, when Flamengo hired only Bruno Viana. The atmosphere heated up again in the Rafinha episode.

Tondela shirt 1, in green and yellow — Photo: Disclosure

The right-back himself declared that Marcos Braz and Bruno Spindel showed interest in the hiring and placed the responsibility for the course of the negotiation on the finance department. Parallel to this, there were criticisms from the football department of the performance of the marketing vice president in the search for sponsorship. In the end, the player went to Grêmio.

The cold war continued internally and Braz often expressed annoyance about the interference of non-soccer leaders in decision-making at the Ministry.

– We will be able to make the signings that we deem important for Flamengo. I have a lot of faith in this, regardless of whether a vice president or another thinks they have to push more here or there – he said in an interview with the GE Flamengo podcast in March.

Asked at the time if it was an indirect to someone because of the old conflict between Ninho and Gávea, Braz said:

– I’m past being worried about it.

Charging for revenue generation before considering going to the market, in turn, has always been something that generated noise among the offices in Flamengo. The football department felt exposed to being charged for departures like those of Nathan and Gerson, while it was an urgency to meet the budget.

Marcos Braz and Bruno Spindel, Flamengo x Fluminense — Photo: Marcos Riboli / ge

Furthermore, there was discomfort because there was no counterpart. As much as it has made millions with sales such as those already mentioned and that of Rodrigo Muniz, the faucet remains closed for greater investments. In this window, the good relationship with Giuliano Bertolucci, who has a great entry into European giants, once again made the difference.

Andreas Pereira and Kenedy, for example, arrive at practically no cost and the negotiations with Lyon by Thiago Mendes collided precisely with the closed tap. On Gávea’s side, the posture is irreducible, which is often uncomfortable. No wonder the success in the “empty pocket” venture was so celebrated by the football duo.

Above the tug of war, Rodolfo Landim handles the situation with naturalness and takes responsibility for most decisions, preventing conflicts from reaching the most acute moments of the debates. With about four months to go before the elections, favoritism is high on the way to re-election and it is not a problem that has lasted almost three years that would make the president sleepless.

Check out the full answer from Braz on the Tondela case

“This subject was irritating. In the middle of a window and having to talk about Tondela. I’ve been at Flamengo since I was eight years old. I’ve heard and seen everything. I won’t talk about this subject. First, President Landim never mentioned it to me, And there’s another point: if Flamengo actually goes to the market and wants to join another club, with money or not, because Flamengo has a lot of assets that aren’t money, this needs to go through Flamengo’s advice. administration, in the deliberative council, and I’ll even make a suggestion, that they set up a committee to find out if it’s possible, if it’s good, what is the path, what is the style of negotiation and association, so that we can talk later.

I don’t want to talk about Tondela, I don’t want to talk about anything, because I greatly respect Flamengo’s deliberative and administrative councils. There are great benefactors, who need to be heard. This has nothing to do with making it unfeasible, it has nothing to do with not liking it. I just think there are rites and paths to follow and they are decisions that people have no idea that it’s not just the financial part.

Why is it in Portugal and not Belgium, for example? It’s full of clubs in Belgium that belong to other groups around the world. Why is it not in Spain? So, this first has to go through the advice. I think a commission has to be made to study, plan, and then decide who will be the partner. Of course, this is all a suggestion of mine, but President Rodolfo Landim is in charge.”

— Photo: Disclosure