Bus passengers can buy credits for the VEM card through WhatsApp and pay with PIX | Pernambuco

From this Monday (23rd), bus passengers in Greater Recife can buy credits to recharge their VEM card via WhatsApp and pay with PIX. The information was passed on, through a note, by the union that represents the collective companies, Urbana-PE.

According to the entity, the passenger who buys the credits for the electronic voucher will have the recharge available in the bus validation systems within ten minutes after confirmation of payment.

Through a note, Urbana explained how the procedure should be done. First, the passenger must start the conversation via VEM’s WhatsApp. The number is (81) 3320.2001.

Then you need to choose the “VEM card recharge” option. After confirming the cardholder’s data, according to Urbana-PE, the person must inform the recharge amount and the payment method.

From that moment on, a dynamic QR Code will be generated. It should be copied and pasted into the “Pix Copy & Paste” function of the bank’s application.

After payment, to complete the purchase, the passenger must return to VEM’s WhatsApp to confirm.

At that moment, it will check the availability of the recharge. Urbana-PE warns that, for each recharge, a fee of R$ 2.45 will be charged.

In the note, the organization also said that this initiative helps to prevent “non-essential” displacements during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition to the recharge, the passenger can also request a second copy of VEM cards through WhatsApp. As with the purchase of credits, payment can be made by PIX.

Cards must be withdrawn within 24 working hours after payment confirmation. It will be held at the VEM Service Post at Rua da Soledade, 259, in the Boa Vista neighborhood, in the central area of ​​Recife.

Urbana said it reached the mark of 20 thousand calls per month through WhatsApp. The services of blocking VEM cards, updating registration and requesting the first copy of the VEM Student are now available.

Wanted by G1, the Greater Recife Consortium, responsible for the management of the system, said that the implementation of this type of purchase is the responsibility of Urbana-PE alone and, therefore, would not comment on the matter.

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