Calendar of the 5th installment of Emergency Aid 2021: Bolsa Família and the general public

Check the calendar for the 5th installment of Emergency Aid 2021 for Bolsa Família beneficiaries and the general public. See more!

Check the dates foreseen for the 5th installment of Emergency Aid 2021 for Bolsa Família beneficiaries and the general public

According to the government’s official schedule, on the date of this publication (23), beneficiaries of the Bolsa Família Program receive the 2021 portion of emergency aid. Payments to the general public will resume tomorrow. Check out the official dates!

Payment schedule for Bolsa Família beneficiaries

  • NIS finalized on 1: August 18th
  • NIS finalized on 2: August 19th
  • NIS finalized on 3: 20 August
  • NIS finalized on 4: 23 August
  • NIS finalized on 5: 24th August
  • NIS ended on 6:25 August
  • NIS ended on 7: 26 August
  • NIS finalized on 8: 27 August
  • NIS finalized on 9:30 August
  • NIS ended 0:31 August

5th installment of 2021 emergency aid: payment schedule (online usability) for general public

  • Born in January – August 20th
  • Born in February – August 21st
  • Born in March – August 21st
  • Born in April – August 22
  • Born in May – August 24th
  • Born in June – 25th August
  • Born in July – 26th August
  • Born in August – August 27th
  • Born in September – August 28
  • Born in October – August 28
  • Born in November – August 29
  • Born in December – August 31

5th installment of 2021 emergency aid: cash withdrawal schedule for the general public

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  • Born in January – September 1st
  • Born in February – September 2nd
  • Born in March – September 3rd
  • Born in April – September 6th
  • Born in May – September 9th
  • Born in June – September 10th
  • Born in July – September 13
  • Born in August – September 14th
  • Born in September – September 15th
  • Born in October – September 16th
  • Born in November – September 17th
  • Born in December – September 20th
Updated informations

According to information from the Ministry of Citizenship, Emergency Aid 2021 is limited to one person per family. Female head of a single-parent family is entitled to R$375, and an individual who lives alone (single-person family) receives R$150. The fee for others is R$250.

Thus, adding the four payment stages made so far, the Federal Government’s investment has already exceeded R$ 35 billion, including all public (digital media, CadÚnico and Bolsa Família). There were 150.45 million transfers, with 39.4 million people eligible.

How is the selection of beneficiaries made?

According to information from Caixa Econômica Federal, the selection of people who receive 2021 Emergency Aid is carried out by DATAPREV, and the result is validated by the Ministry of Citizenship. It will not be necessary to make a new registration or update the existing registration, the selection is made from the public who received the Emergency Assistance or Extension Emergency Assistance.

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