Camila Queiroz delivers Angel’s item after Secret Truths · TV News

Protagonist of Verdades Secretas (2015), Angel/Arlete marked the debut of Camila Queiroz on TV. The 28-year-old actress does not hide the affection she has for the model and says that she kept an item of hers as a souvenir. “I brought home a picture frame that was in my character’s grandmother’s house, with a photo of me with Ana Lucia Torre and Drica [Moraes]”, delivers her.

Starting this Tuesday (24), the soap opera by Walcyr Carrasco will be rerun on Globo. At the time of its first screening, the plot caught the public’s attention for dealing with controversial topics such as incest, pedophilia, drug addiction and book rose. In addition, the sex sequences became a topic on social media.

Camila, however, admits that she is shy when reviewing the hot scenes she recorded when she was just 22 years old: “I’m shy and I think this will never change. But I’ve watched it with my family and husband. It’s part of my job, and they support me”.

“It took us, on average, four hours to shoot a scene like this, and every detail is thought out. The soap opera has hot moments, sex appeal. It’s interesting to see how the public reacts”, completes the artist in an interview with the newspaper Extra.

Angel was a watershed in my life. It was from her that I became an actress, which was an old desire of mine, a profession I dreamed of exercising since childhood. Where I came from, making a soap opera on Globo was almost impossible.

“I come from a humble family, I lived at Cohab [conjunto de habitação popular], I always studied in public school. Getting to this place was synonymous with winning,” explains Klebber Toleto’s wife.

The actress also confesses that she was surprised by the repercussion of the soap opera at the time: “People gave me advice, told me to stay with Alex [Rodrigo Lombardi] or not to do that to my mom. I remember that, at the time, I received many reports from people who experienced similar things. The mother who ‘stole’ her daughter’s husband, the daughter who shared her boyfriend with her mother, the sister who stayed with the other’s man… This shocked me a lot because it is much more common than I imagined”.

Now, Camila is dedicated to recording Secret Truths 2, which will be available on Globoplay and will bring the continuation of Angel’s story. “It was exciting to meet her on the set when I characterized myself again. Being able to put on her costume, especially the chain, which is a remarkable item. It was a beautiful reunion and full of meanings”, concludes the interpreter.

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