Campinas now expands vaccination for over 12 years old with previous diseases

Adolescents with previous diseases are being vaccinated in Campinas (Photo: Denny Cesare/Code19)

Campinas will expand this Monday (23) the public for vaccination against covid-19. From 5 pm, the appointment will be open to adolescents over 12 years old included in the risk group.

In all, according to the Health Department, 7.7 thousand vacancies will be made available. Until now, adolescents over 15 years old with comorbidities were included in the municipal campaign.

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The risk group includes people with disabilities and previous illnesses (See list of diseases below). Postpartum women (women who had a child recently) and pregnant women over 12 years old can also schedule the vaccine.

It is worth remembering that all adolescents up to 17 years old are immunized with the Pfizer vaccine, the only one approved by Anvisa for the age group.

According to Health, scheduling of covid-19 vaccines for people aged 18 and over remains suspended. City Hall awaits the sending of more doses to reopen the schedule.


Adolescents are being vaccinated at the health centers Campos Elíseos (Tancredão), São José, Jardim Fernanda, São Marcos, Vista Alegre, Itajaí Park, Pedro de Aquino Neto (Balão do Laranja), Costa e Silva, Conceição, Paranapanema Sousas, Taquaral , Vila Ipe and Vila Padre Anchieta.

Scheduling must be done through the website or by phone 160. Anyone who has difficulties should look for the nearest health center.

It is important that people arrive at most 10 minutes in advance to avoid crowding.


On the day of vaccination, minors must be accompanied by their father, mother or legal guardian. If they are alone, they will need to provide a consent form signed by them. The template will be made available on the website

The documents required for the day of vaccination, as well as the list of comorbidities and deficiencies, should be consulted at


diabetes mellitus

Severe chronic pneumatitis

Hypertension (stage 3)

Arterial hypertension (stages 1 and 2) with target organ damage and/or comorbidity

Cardiac insufficiency

Cor-pulmonary and pulmonary hypertension

Hypertensive heart disease

Coronary Syndromes


Cardiomyopathies and pericardiopathies

Diseases of the aorta, great vessels and arteriovenous fistulas

cardiac arrhythmias

Adult congenital heart diseases

Valve prostheses and implanted cardiac devices

Chronic neurological diseases


Severe Hemoglobinopathies

Morbid obesity

Hepatical cirrhosis