Caoa Chery SUVs have extra discount for PwD

Caoa Chery announces special offers on PwD cars. During the month of August, the Tiggo 2 and Tiggo 3x Turbo models are offered with an additional 5% factory discount, in addition to the IPI exemption provided for by law.

The promotion is valid for the Tiggo 2 1.5 ACT Automático, sold from R$77,946.65, and the Tiggo 3x 1.0 Turbo PLUS with prices from R$83,923.67. The offers are valid for the entire Dealership Network in the country with the additional advantage of being available for prompt delivery.


With the approval of the new ceiling of R$140 thousand for abatement of the tax on cars for people with disabilities (drivers or not), Caoa Chery starts to sell its entire portfolio, with the exception of Tiggo 8, in this type of direct sale. Sedans and SUVs are sold to the PwD public in the same retail versions.

In addition to the factory discount offer, the models have different financing options.

PcD Cars Caoa Chery

Caoa Chery’s PwD cars start at R$71,725.10 for the Tiggo 2 1.5 Look Manual, up to R$125,597.28 for the Tiggo 7. The Tiggo 5x, the automaker’s sales leader, has prices starting at R$115,160.33.

Among the sedans, the Arrizo 6, the automaker’s premium model, is marketed with IPI exemption at values ​​from R$105,001.10.

Understand the new exemption rules for PwD cars: