Carmelo Anthony pays tribute to Kobe Bryant


August 23 is always a special day for the NBA, especially after Kobe Bryant left us. In celebration of his birthday, the new Lakers player Carmelo Anthony, who for many years played against Black Mamba, honored his good friend on this date that he would turn 43 years old.

Melo paid tribute with this photo from his early days with the Denver Nuggets. Kobe’s legacy lives on every day among the league’s countless players and Anthony is no exception, having played alongside the US Hall of Fame. The Lakers organization also honored Kobe.

No doubt Kobe would be overjoyed to see Melo wearing the Lakers jersey next season. Even more so in the company of LeBron, Davis and Westbrook.

Today’s date marks Kobe’s second birthday since he tragically passed away last January.

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Meanwhile, Carmelo will try to win his first title, after an impressive career.

And somehow and wherever he is, Kobe must be very happy.