Claudia Rodrigues is hospitalized in São Paulo for health treatment

Actress Claudia Rodrigues was admitted today to Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, in São Paulo, to receive medication from the United States due to multiple sclerosis. According to the press office, Claudia is fine.

The medication was suspended on medical advice for the actress to take the two doses of the covid-19 vaccine. Claudia received the medication and must remain under observation.

In July, Claudia’s businesswoman explained the decision to suspend treatment and vaccinate the actress in “A Diarista”.

The decision to interrupt the treatment and vaccinate Claudinha was the most assertive one. What was not certain was that the Brazilian government chose a period of three months between the first and the second dose, instead of three weeks, as indicated by the manufacturer. And it was carried out all over the world like this, except in Brazil. It was wrong not to respond to 57 e-mails, wrong was not to buy the vaccine with 50% discount. Adriane Bonato

At the time, the actress had a new pseudo-relapse of multiple sclerosis and, during her hospital stay, a marked inflammation after having the tendon torn.

She received the second dose of vaccine from Pfizer and, on July 17, was discharged. In a video, Claudia stated that she would resume treatment for sclerosis through medication.

I’m going back to my rehab as I’m working hard to recover from the aftereffects of sclerosis. I don’t do treatment anymore, I do training: I start at 9 am and stop at 8 pm, I only stop for two hours to have lunch and rest. Claudia Rodrigues