Corinthians ready to announce ‘their’ Edmundo. Roger Guedes got rid of China – Prism

São Paulo Brazil

After Willian’s daydream, reality.

Roger Guedes got the termination.

He is no longer a player for Shandong, from China, with whom he had a contract until July 2022.

The 24-year-old striker and his manager Paulo Pitombeiras, have already made arrangements with Corinthians for over a month.

Roger Guedes’ desire is to spend at least two seasons in Brazil, fight for a chance in the Seleção, with the hope of still playing in the Qatar Cup, and then go to Europe.

There was an expectation since last week at Parque São Jorge.

The club is willing to pay the ceiling, R$ 800 thousand per month. But Pitombeiras negotiated bonuses for goals. Field presence, goals, titles.

There is a consensus in the Corinthians leadership, starting with President Duilio Monteiro Alves, that the player has the explosive personality, the grit, the vibration that match Corinthians.

There are already many advisers who believe that Roger Guedes remembers the untimely genius of Edmundo, former idol of Palmeiras and Vasco. And of quick passage by Corinthians itself.

Roger Guedes was already living the expectation of leaving Shandong and playing in a black and white shirt. So much so that he was always exchanging messages, phone calls with Corinthians athletes. Mainly with Fábio Santos, with whom he was a partner at Atlético Mineiro.

The signings of Giuliano and Renato Augusto cheered Roger Guedes on, ensuring that Corinthans will have a competitive team.

In addition to the arrival of the trio, Duilio made it clear to Pitombeiras that there will be even more reinforcements. The plan is to build a very strong team in 2022. But a reliable team that guarantees a place for Libertadores da América in this Brazilian Nationals.

The release of Roger Guedes from Shandong Taishan (ex-Shandong Luneng) was possible without the player and his manager appealing to FIFA.

Both used the difficulties that the Chinese government imposed on foreigners, due to the pandemic, and the contract, after nearly three months of negotiation, was broken.

There is a huge atmosphere of euphoria at Corinthians.

The expectation is that Roger Guedes will be announced this week as a new reinforcement.

Sylvinho doesn’t fit in with such excitement.

The club continues to owe more than R$1 billion.

But the leaders decided.

Only with a great team will the accounts balance out.

Giuliano and Renato Augusto are two tests.

The third, Roger Guedes, is on the way.

Free to wear the Corinthians shirt…

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