Covid-19 vaccine: Campinas opens agenda for teenagers from 12 to 17 years old; Health awaits doses for adults | Campinas and Region

Campinas (SP) opened at 5 pm this Monday (23) the schedule of the Covid-19 vaccine for residents aged between 12 and 17 in priority groups. They are 7,700 doses for adolescents with comorbidities, disabilities, pregnant women and postpartum women (women who had babies within 45 days).

  • Adolescents should schedule a dose on the city’s vaccination website or by phone 160.

According to the city hall, there may already be a vacancy open for these young people this Tuesday, depending on the dynamics of the system. When there is a forfeit, the vacancy appears again as available. The immunization time will be from 13:00 to 17:00 and the immunizing agent is that of Pfizer, the only one authorized by Anvisa in Brazil for teenagers.

On August 18, the city first opened the agenda for the population aged 15 to 17 from risk groups. Last Friday, he informed that the group would be expanded. The immunization of adolescents in general, outside the risk groups, has no scheduled date.

The Health Department of the metropolis informed, on Monday, that it is still there is no provision for reopening the schedule for residents aged 18 or over. The municipal administration awaits the arrival of more vaccines.

What vaccine is this?  Pfizer Biotech

What vaccine is this? Pfizer Biotech

Teen Vaccination Points

They are 14 the Health Centers that will appear among the options of choice for adolescents at the time of booking the vaccine:

  • Campos Elíseos (Tancredão), São José, Jardim Fernanda, São Marcos, Vista Alegre, Itajaí Park, Pedro de Aquino Neto (Orange Balloon), Costa e Silva, Conceição, Paranapanema, Sousas, Taquaral, Vila Ipê and Vila Padre Anchieta.

The orientation is for people to arrive at the units at most ten minutes in advance.

teenagers accompanied

The young person must be accompanied by the father, mother or legal guardian. If they have to go alone, it is mandatory to present a consent form signed by those responsible. The document can be downloaded from the Campinas vaccination website.

The vaccination website also contains a list of comorbidities and the medical documents needed to prove the health condition.

Adolescents must also present an official document with a photo and proof of residence in Campinas.

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