CRB x Cruzeiro: duel putting teams undefeated for the longest time

(Photo: Montage with photos by Frederico Cedrim/CRB and Bruno Haddad/Cruzeiro)

The duel between CRB and Cruzeiro, scheduled for next Sunday, at 4 pm, at Rei Pel, in Macei-AL, will put the two teams of the Series B of the Brazilian Championship who have been unbeaten for longer.

Galo de Campina registered its last setback in the 11th round, on July 13, when it was defeated by Guarani 1-0 in Campinas-SP. Since then, there have been five wins (Vila Nova, Sampaio Corra), Londrina, Brusque and Remo) and four draws (Coritiba, Ponte Preta, Vitria and Operrio).

It is worth remembering that, in this period, the CRB was defeated twice by Fortaleza in duels in the last 16 of the Copa do Brasil – 2-1 on July 29th and 1-0 on August 4th.

The Fox, in turn, already accumulates seven undefeated matches in the Second Division. The last negative result, still under the command of coach Mozart, was in the 13th round, on July 20, when the miners ended up defeated by Remo 1-0, at Baeno, in Belm-PA.

In the last seven games – five with Vanderlei Luxembourg in command -, Cruzeiro won three (Brusque, Nutico and Confiana) and drew four others (Vila Nova, Londrina, Vitria and Sampaio Corra).

In the classification table, however, CRB and cruise live very different times. While the Alagoas took the runner-up in the table, with 36 points from 20 matches, the heavenly team is just beginning to show a possibility of reaction. Today, Fox is only in 14th place, with 24 points in 20 games played.

The CRB series (nine games unbeaten)

12th round: 2 to 1 on Vila Nova (house)

13th round: 1 to 1 with Coritiba (outside)

14th round: 3 to 2 over Sampaio Run (out)

15th round: 1 to 1 with Ponte Preta (house)

16th round: 2-0 over Londrina (outside)

17th round: 3-0 over Brusque (home)

18th round: 1 to 1 with Vitria (outside)

19th round: 0 to 0 with Operrio (home)

20th round: 2-1 on the Row (out)

The Cruzeiro series (seven games unbeaten)

14th round: 0 to 0 with Vila Nova (outside)

15th round: 2 to 2 with Londrina (home)

16th round: 2-1 over Brusque (out)

17th round: 2 to 2 with Vitria (home)

18th round: 1 to 1 with Sampaio Corra (home)

19th round: 1 to 0 over Nutico (out)

20th round: 1 to 0 on Confiana (home)