Crocodile plucks toes from hunted people who have mistaken it for a trunk

A hunter mistook a crocodile for a tree trunk while chasing geese in the Northern Territory, which is in central and north central Australia. Without foreseeing the danger, he stepped on the animal, which ended up biting his foot, tearing off two toes.

Leroy Daly, 28, was with friends hunting geese between the River Daly and the River Adelaide when he stepped on the reptile, which was lurking in the shallow water. “I grew up in Daly River for most of my life, swimming with crocodiles, but I had never been bitten,” he told 9News.

“I thought it might be a log or something – but then I felt your teeth sharp,” he said. “You should have seen the size. It was gigantic, over four meters tall.”

Daly says that as soon as he stepped on the crocodile, it moved quickly and snatched up his foot, before retreating back into the water.

“It happened so fast, it was like a flash. I yelled at everyone to get out of the water. The last thing I remember is that I was lying on the bank. I remember trying to drag myself back.”

Daly’s friends rushed to his rescue and pulled him out of the water.

The hunter had to be transferred to the Royal Darwin Hospital for post-amputation treatment - Reproduction/Facebook/Leroy Daly - Reproduction/Facebook/Leroy Daly

Daly had to be transferred to Royal Darwin Hospital for post-amputation treatment

Image: Reproduction/Facebook/Leroy Daly

According to ABC News, Daly managed to pull his foot out of the crocodile’s mouth as it bit down on his toes.

Daly was transferred from the Adelaide River Health Clinic to the Royal Darwin Hospital for post-amputation treatment.

However, even after being wounded, he promised to continue hunting in the future. And he said he was watching documentaries on the Animal Planet channel while he was in the hospital bed.

But the near-death experience led Daly to advise the others to be extra careful when crossing the river. “If you go hunting, be careful as there are crocodiles everywhere,” he warned.