Cruzeiro is on the right track to have games with fans at the Arena do Jacaré

After the Municipality of Belo Horizonte (PBH) again vetoes the presence of the public in football matches, Cruzeiro is evaluating other cities and stadiums where it can host its matches in the B Series of the Brazilian Championship. And the closest place to get it right is an old acquaintance of the Cruzeiro fans: the Arena do Jacaré, in Sete Lagoas.

This Monday (23), club members were on site to assess the structure and lawn., which is not in good condition. According to the Democrat president, it would take approximately two weeks to recover. According to Renato Paiva, the deal with the Fox is “almost closed”.

“The stadium, in general, is reasonable, it has a restricted part. Therefore, 13 thousand people is the maximum total audience it can have here. In Module II, the protocol of the Minas Gerais Federation, which is what we know, allowed us to the presence of 600 fans”, pointed out Renato.

The celestial club, however, reported that it is still studying other locations. “Cruzeiro is still evaluating some squares that may host the team’s next matches. The decision will be made official at an opportune moment,” he informed through his press office.

On his social networks, state deputy Douglas Melo (MDB), influential in the city, the decision has already been taken this Tuesday (24). “Cruzeiro and Democrata hammer out the Cruzeiro games at the Arena. Cruzeiro will take over the lawn reform. The president of Cruzeiro assured me that the coming now only depends on the city hall moving towards the green wave that is already authorized by the state government “, he wrote.

The report was unable to contact the city of Sete Lagoas. Cidade is located in the Central region of Minas, approximately 74 km from Belo Horizonte. Cruzeiro has already hosted several games there, especially when Mineirão and Independência were under renovation, between 2010 and 2012.


According to the state government’s flexibility program, Minas Consciente, any city, regardless of the wave (green, yellow, red, purple) can receive public in its stadiums. What changes are the rules. Currently, all regions of the state are in this phase, except the North Triangle, the South Triangle and the Northeast.

Despite this release, it is the city hall that will decide whether or not it can have fans, provided that a series of protocols for the prevention of coronaviruses are followed. As Sete Lagoas is included in the Onda Verde of the Minas Consciente program (it only remains for the city hall to decide for that), there is no maximum number of fans.

However, the ideal is for the Arena do Jacaré to have 30% capacity. According to the president of the Democrat, the sector that is banned could be released in the next few days, that is, the entire bleachers would be used (about 20 thousand seats). With that, 6,000 fans could attend.

In the case of the protocol of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), fans will have to submit a negative RT-PCR test up to three days before the match date to gain access to the stadium. Antigen testing up to two days before the match will also be accepted. The other alternative is to be vaccinated with both doses or a single dose immunizer.

The protocol for accessing the stadium includes the use of masks, social distancing, temperature measurement and hygiene. Ticket sales will be online and only for the main team. The epidemiological scenario of each location will be considered to define the ticket load capacity.

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