Cruzeiro negotiates to transfer games to Arena do Jacar in Sete Lagoas

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With the ban on games with the public in Belo Horizonte, the cruise negotiates with the city of Sete Lagoas to send the matches of the series B of the Brazilian Championship at Arena do Jacar. The celestial club has not officially confirmed it yet, but negotiations are advanced.

The information of this possible change of place in the Fox duels was disclosed by the Radio Itatiaia and confirmed by supersports. According to state deputy Douglas Melo (MDB), from Sete Lagoas, Cruzeiro will take over the renovation of the stadium’s lawn, which is not in good condition.

“Cruzeiro and Democrata-SL hammer out the Cruzeiro games at the Arena. Cruzeiro will take over the lawn reform. The president of Cruzeiro assured me that coming now only depends on the city hall moving to Onda Verde, which is already authorized by the government of the state,” said the deputy.

Cruzeiro is cautious and informs that nothing has been agreed yet. “Cruzeiro is still evaluating some squares that could host the team’s next matches. The decision will be made official at an opportune moment.”

In the Onda Verde of the Minas Consciente Program, there is no limit to the presence of people at events, as long as they respect measures of distance, hygiene and the use of masks. Municipal decrees determine the occupation of spaces in cities.

Currently, Democrata de Sete Lagoas works in the stadium for a public of 600 people. Fox’s base category also sends their games locally. Behind the scenes, the celestial club believes that the capacity of Arena do Jacar can be increased with the authorization of a municipal decree.

Cruzeiro will return to play at home for Serie B on September 7th, at 4 pm, against black Bridge.

As Belo Horizonte vetoed the fans because of the break with the protocols of COVID-19 in test events, the celestial team looks for other cities to act as home team in Second Division matches.