Débora Falabella almost assumed an important character in Secret Truths

TV Globo starts this Tuesday (24) night the rerun of secret truths, 23:00 soap opera by Walcyr Carrasco. In 2015, when it was recorded, the production faced a problem behind the scenes: the departure of Deborah Secco.

The actress had been cast to play Carolina, mother of Angel (Camila Queiroz), but she had to leave the project when she found out she was pregnant. The author of the serial wanted that Deborah Falabella replaced Secco, but the famous one did not accept.

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At the time, Walcyr himself used social media to clarify the situation. “He gave up doing the soap opera without even knowing the role. Her father is sick and she stayed to support the family in Minas. Family is family, isn’t it?”, wrote the novelist.

We already have another name for Secret Truths but it’s still being talked about, I can’t reveal it. But there are times when the character looks for the actress. It’s kind of magical but the perfect actress will emerge”, completed Carrasco. At the end, Dr. Moraes took on character.