Director of DNIT is one of the targets of operation of the Federal Police – News

The Federal Police launched, on the morning of Tuesday (24), Operation Daia to investigate evidence of corruption and influence peddling in the National Department of Transport Infrastructure (DNIT). In all, the agents serve 14 search and seizure warrants in Goiás, Tocantins, São Paulo and the Federal District.

O R7 found that the director of Railway Infrastructure at DNIT, Marcelo Almeida Pinheiro Chagas, is one of the targets of the investigation. At the agency’s building in Brasília, investigators are looking for documents on the second floor, where the Railway Infrastructure Directorate works.

The investigations show that lobbyists acted to favor a dry port operating company with the federal agency. Those involved, who also include public servants, had their bank accounts blocked by order of the Federal Court.

Through social networks, the Minister of Infrastructure, Tarcísio Gomes de Freitas, declared that the operation was carried out in partnership with the Undersecretary of Compliance and Integrity.

the scheme
According to the Federal Police, the investigated company won the tender to manage the Porto Seco de Anápolis (GO). However, he was unable to obtain authorization for the land indicated for the construction of the terminal.

Therefore, the lobbyists were approached to negotiate the purchase of an area that belonged to DNIT in the Agroindustrial District of Anápolis (Daia) for a value below that negotiated in the market.

These lobbyists have, according to the investigation, negotiated the purchase with DNIT officials. By paying a bribe, the servers would have favored the company’s interests within the agency. After the negotiations, the land was appraised by the autarchy at R$ 11 million. The Federal Police determined, however, that the property would reach the value of R$ 44 million.

Those involved can be held liable for crimes of embezzlement, active and passive corruption, influence peddling and criminal association.

Regarding the operation this Tuesday (24), the DNIT released the following note:

“The DNIT collaborates with the investigation, aiming at the complete elucidation of the facts. The Department is in permanent contact with the control bodies and reaffirms that its actions are based on legality and honesty, respecting all the ethical principles of public administration.”