“Disservice to Brazilian football”: Braz doesn’t leave it cheap and rebuts Casagrande’s ‘suggestion’ to David Luiz

Fla took advantage of the final stretch of the transfer window to intensify the search for possible players in the European market. One of Mengão’s targets is defender David Luiz. For months, speculation about the interest took over the news. However, an opinion by commentator Walter Casagrande about a possible transfer of the player to Gávea had an emphatic response from the vice president of football, Marcos Braz.

Over the weekend, Casagrande declared that the defender would need to be safe to play in Brazil: “I’m not talking about whether the player is good or bad. Sometimes the team is in place, the coach already commands there. And a new guy arrives to start joining the scheme, to know how he plays… In the case of David (Luiz), to return to Brazil, you have to be sure. Be sure. You can’t arrive here in Brazil and see championship disorganization, travel problems, bad situations… And think: “I could be in London, in Lisbon”. It’s no use anymore. You have to know where it’s coming from”, commented Casagrande

The commentator’s speech had bad repercussions for the Nation, however, during Andreas Pereira’s press conference, Braz represented the dissatisfaction of many and exposed his thoughts on Casagrande’s comments:

“It was unfortunate on his part, respect as a human being, as an employee of a large television. But I think he was very bad and does a disservice not only to Flamengo, but to the great directors of all clubs, who in such a moment difficult, with devaluation of the real, with a complicated calendar, I didn’t understand his suggestion to David Luiz. I respect and try to find a sensitive point, but as a carioca, as a Brazilian, as a football manager, I think that in this specific issue, he did a disservice to Brazilian football,” replied Braz.