Doctor Jairo · I am losing muscle mass with age; what to do?

“Doctor, I feel like I’m losing muscle mass with age, is there a way to reverse it?”

That’s a great question. Indeed, with advancing age, we can lose muscle mass and muscle strength. This issue is known, from a medical point of view, like sarcopenia.

The question of muscle loss can significantly affect a person’s life, being able to impact balance, generate problems with posture and even motor coordination.

What to do?

The recommendation, in these cases, is that the person undergo regular medical evaluations, check the hormonal levels – because the drop in hormones, caused by age, can also contribute to the loss of muscle mass –, in addition to correcting clinical problems capable of accelerating this phenomenon.

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Have a healthy diet, take supplements and perform regular physical activities – both aerobic and anaerobic exercises with muscular resistance, such as weight training or Pilates -, all this can reverse a little or even decrease the speed of muscle loss.

The ideal is talk to nutritionists, doctors and physical education professionals to have access to adequate preparation to reduce this loss of muscle mass or even recover a little of what has already been lost.