Domingão with Huck: Globo fears low ratings after the third program | Lo Bianco

Globo's insecurity in relation to Huck's program on Sundays is great

Globo’s insecurity in relation to Huck’s program on Sundays is great

During a meeting on TV Globo with about 20 people, fear regarding the fight for audience leadership at the network on Sundays was put on the table when the subject was to talk about the new ‘Domingão com Huck’. According to the executives present, there is no doubt that the first two programs – starting on September 5th – will attract a large audience. Fear, according to the conversation, revolves around the third program onwards.

The first program with Luciano Huck in charge already foresees a large audience. The first reason is new. The curious audience will not miss the opportunity to assess the performance of Angelica’s husband in front of the attraction. But there is also another big reason: on the same day, Globo will broadcast the match between Brazil and Argentina for the Qatar World Cup qualifiers.

According to the content discussed at this meeting, the station’s fears are concentrated even from the September 19 program onwards. That’s because, once the news is gone, executives at the network fear that Sunday’s programming aired by SBT and RecordTV will touch Domingão’s audience with Huck, or even remove PlimPlim’s leadership from the swell.

For this reason, despite the fact that the subject is being kept under lock and key at the station, the choice for the name Domingão ‘with’ Huck’ is the result of an internal normative act that goes against this fear. If the name of Luciano Huck does not have good acceptance and audience ratings from the program on September 19th, the station may put someone else in front of the attraction as of 2022. Therefore, the choice now on TV Globo not to personify name of presenters in house programs.

The name for Globo’s programs will be thought of in the same mold as ‘Encontro com Fátima’. The public, for example, has already noticed that the station only announces the ‘Encontro’ when Fátima is off, or needs to be replaced by someone. The choice to maintain this strategy is precisely so that Domingão can serve another name if Luciano Huck loses audience on Sundays to SBT or RecordTV, since polls did not point out favorable scenarios for the solidification of his name on Sundays from of the third program.

Internally it is known that, once withdrawn from Globo’s Sundays, Luciano Huck will not accept to remain at the station and his contract may be terminated. But, according to one of Grupo Globo’s executives, “no name is above the audience”, which is a priority and decisive factor for the network to continue with its high advertising quotas, in other words, anything goes for the leadership of the audience. Globo insists on maintaining audience leadership as its main trademark.

And this is the real reason why no presenter has yet been announced on Saturday’s schedule from 2022. That’s because, if Luciano Huck doesn’t take the lead in the audience, Leifert will be able to return on Sundays. Everything is now in the hands of the public and the audience around Luciano Huck at the network. And this evaluation will only be made from the third program onwards – from September 19th. And as one of the directors present at this meeting said, “Now we wait and see!”