Doria removes commander of the PM who called for acts in favor of Bolsonaro

The commander of the Military Police of São Paulo, Colonel Aleksander Lacerda, who was leading a call for the Pocketnarist demonstrations on September 7th, was removed on Monday 23 by Governor João Doria (PSDB).

Calls for demonstrations were made via social networks, where he also published offenses and threats against the STF and political figures. The participation of active police officers in demonstrations may constitute a disciplinary transgression. The information is from the newspaper The State of São Paulo.

“Freedom is not gained, it is taken. I’m going on 7/9”, “We need a tank, not an ice cream cart” and “broth will heat up” were some of the messages posted by the colonel on his social networks. All messages were public until the São Paulo Security Secretariat was asked about the topic.

Lacerda was head of the Interior Police Command-7 (CPI-7) and coordinated seven battalions of the PM with a troop of about 5,000 men. On social networks, in addition to the summons for the events on September 7, the policeman published 397 other political and partisan publications between August 1 and 22, according to the report.

In 148 of them, the PM is against the Federal Supreme Court and the Superior Electoral Court. In the posts, the colonel says he is ‘disgusted with the STF’ and portrays minister Alexandre de Moraes as Adolf Hitler. Luís Roberto Barroso, Luiz Fux and Edson Fachin were also targets of Lacerda’s offenses.

On the networks, the policeman still says ‘100% with Sérgio Reis’ after the repercussion of the singer’s audios claiming that he would ‘stop Brazil’ on September 7th and threatening the Supreme Court justices. Reis became the target of an investigation by the Civil Police and claims that the statements were just an ‘unfortunate joke’.

In the manifestations published in his profile, the PM commander also attacked political figures such as the governor of SP, João Doria (PSDB), and his current secretary Rodrigo Maia, as well as the president of the Senate Rodrigo Pacheco (DEM-MG) and the former President Lula (PT). Members of Covid’s CPI leadership in the Senate, such as Omar Aziz (PSD-AM), Renan Calheiros (MDB-AL) and Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP) were also targets of offenses in the PM posts.

Most of Lacerda’s offenses and messages were made from the sharing of publications by bloggers and members of Congress, such as Carlos Jordy (PSL-RJ) and Filipe Barros (PSL-PR).

According to the newspaper, in addition to the active colonel, retired police officers also summon ‘friends’ to participate in the acts on September 7th. So far, former members of the Ceará and São Paulo corporations have been identified. One of these retired members who lead the calls is Colonel Ricardo Mello Araújo, current director of Ceagesp, appointed by civil servants and employees as the author of humiliation, coercion and threats since he was appointed by Jair Bolsonaro to fill the position. Recently, Araújo released a video on social networks calling on Rota veterans.

In a statement, the PM said that it was “a legalistic State institution, which has the duty and mission to defend the Constitution and the democratic values ​​of the country” and informed that it was analyzing Lacerda’s posts. The decision to remove the colonel from the PM was announced hours later.

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