Embraer had the biggest increase and Lojas Americanas had the biggest drop in the day

Embraer’s shares had the highest appreciation this second (23) among the companies listed on the Ibovespa (the main index of the B3, the Brazilian Stock Exchange). Lojas Americanas was the company that suffered the most losses during the day’s session. Check the stocks that appreciated the most and the ones that suffered the most devaluation at the end of the text.

The ranking takes into account the biggest highs and lows of the index alone – it does not include stocks that are not present in the index, but that are traded on the B3.

Shares of the company Embraer (EMBR3) rose 5.28%, traded at R$ 20.92. The paper of the company Lojas Americanas (LAME4), on the other hand, had a daily drop of 6.08%, with papers quoted at R$ 5.25.

On Monday, the Ibovespa, the main B3 index, closed at 117,471.67 points, changing -0.49% compared to the previous day.

Check out the stocks that rose the most this Monday:

  1. Embraer: 5.28%
  2. CVC: 4.39%
  3. JBS: 3.44%
  4. Marfrig: 3.42%
  5. Petrobras (common): 3.35%

Check out the stocks that fell the most this Monday:

  1. American Stores: -6.08%
  2. Finds: -3.92%
  3. Magazine Luiza: -3.87%
  4. B3: -3.87%
  5. CCR Group: -3.78%

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