Embraer’s flying car company boosts EMBR3 shares; understand

Today we are going to talk about Cosan’s (CSAN3) foray into the mining sector and about the new partnership signed by Eve, Embraer’s “flying car” arm (EMBR3).

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Cosan buys operation and enters the mining sector

Cosan announced yesterday (23) that it has closed a binding proposal for the purchase of 100% of the operations of TUP Porto São Luís, a company that owns a private-use terminal located in São Luís, in Maranhão, in an operation involving R$720 million .

The agreement was signed between Atlântico Participações, a subsidiary of Cosan, and China Communications Construction Company (CCCC), controller of the terminal, and the minority shareholders of TUP Porto São Luís. Initially, Cosan will buy the 49% belonging to WPR, a company of infrastructure of the WTorre group, and will subsequently make an offer for the remaining 51% that belong to the Chinese CCCC group.

The Cosan group also announced its entry into the mining sector. Atlântico Participações signed a binding memorandum of understanding to form a partnership with Grupo Paulo Brito, founder and controller of Aura Minerals. The new company to be formed by the joint venture will be called JV Mineração and will explore iron ore to be transported through the port. Under the agreement, Atlântico will hold 37% of the total capital and shared control of the new combined company.

JV Mineração will be an integrated mining and logistics company that will own, in addition to the Port, exploration rights in 3 projects in the state of Pará. Carajás, connected to the port by the Carajás railway. The CEO of JV Mineração will be Juarez Saliba de Avelar, an experienced executive in the sector with experience at companies such as Vale and CSN, where he held important leadership positions.

We expect a positive impact on the actions of Cosan (CSAN3), which signs a strategic partnership to enter a new business line combined with its port logistics and management expertise. The initiative brings interesting synergies to the company’s operation, mainly because it involves a logistics terminal that will provide interaction with Rumo’s operations. Cosan’s shares are already up 16.85% in the year.

Embraer flying car company expands partnership with Ascent

Embraer (EMBR3) announced yesterday morning (23) that its flying car company, Eve, has expanded its partnership with Ascent Flights Global, a company that operates as an on-demand application. Eve will provide up to 100 aircraft to the platform, providing up to 100,000 flight hours for Ascent to build an urban air mobility ecosystem in the Asia Pacific region.

The aircraft supplied will be the eVTOL, a vertical take-off and landing electric vehicle that has low noise and zero emissions, to be used in large cities such as Bangkok,

Melbourne, Singapore and Tokyo. Deliveries will begin in 2026, as with other orders received by Eve.

This is another partnership of the Embraer subsidiary, which intends to lead urban air mobility in the future. The company, created 4 years ago, has already announced several partnerships and should continue in search of new opportunities. In addition, Eve may merge with an American special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) in a transaction worth around $2 billion, which could unlock value for Embraer shares (EMBR3), which are worth around R$15 billion currently.

The news is positive and EMBR3 shares registered the biggest high of the day in yesterday’s trading session, with 5.28%. Eve is considered a disruptive company and investors are betting that it will become a leader in the still unexplored urban air mobility market. With each new partnership, the company gets closer to that goal.