Empire: José Pedro is denounced by Maurílio and arrested for contraband

José Pedro (Caio Blat) will be denounced by Maurílio (Carmo Dalla Vecchia) for smuggling precious stones. In the plot, he will still be arrested and reported in the headlines of police pages.

The scenes, which will air from September 4th, show the ambitious son of José Alfredo (Alexandre Nero) meeting a smuggler in Vicente’s restaurant (Rafael Cardoso). Outside, Maurílio will call the police. Danielle (Maria Ribeiro) will join her lover to watch her ex-husband’s arrest.

The police will arrive scaring Maria Isis (Marina Ruy Barbosa) at the reception. And in parallel, the smuggler Kleber (Júlio Levy) will notice the movement. ‘It got dirty. The police are in the area. I know that bald guy over there. It’s not possible, it must have been some anonymous report’, the bandit will say.

‘It’s not possible, nobody knew about this meeting, Kleber,’ says José Pedro. ‘It’s your fault, you’re incompetent. Give my money here,’ the criminal will accuse. In the sequence, the police detective gives the arrest, searches the two and finds pieces of José Alfredo’s pink diamonds.

‘What’s all this money for? Is it declared?’ asks the policeman. ‘I can explain. The stones belong to the family, this money is an inheritance. I was passing it on to a cousin of mine, this was my father’s wish. I am the son of Commander José Alfredo de Medeiros. You know very well who he is, you know you can’t do this to me!’ threatens the scammer.

‘I don’t give a damn who you’re a son of. I know very well that one over there, who has been responsible for the crime of smuggling jewelry other times and you are in prison,’ decrees the agent.

José Pedro leaves the restaurant in handcuffs and is placed in the trunk of a van. Danielle and Maurílio will celebrate. ‘Now, I want to see your idiot ex-husband fend for himself in jail without Mom’s help’, Maurílio will say. ‘Well done. I think José Pedro even postponed his visit to jail too long’, will agree the ex-wife of Maria Marta’s son.