Epic offered Sony $200 million to have PS games in its store

Okay, PlayStation games are a little expensive, but 200 million dollars (almost 1.1 billion, at the current exchange rate) seems like enough money to take 4 to 6 games home, right? Epic offered that amount to Sony — but not to play games, of course. The offer was to offer some PlayStation exclusive titles on the Epic Games Store for PC.

It is not known which titles these would be, nor if Epic was seeking an exclusive deal with Sony — preventing the same games from also arriving on Steam, for example. What we do know is that all this money was part of Epic’s overall plan to include several console exclusives on its platform. There were also talks with Microsoft to bring Xbox titles and negotiations with Nintendo.

Part of the legal bullshit with Apple

These findings came after confidential Epic documents, over 200 pages long, were made public in court. That’s because the company filed that little lawsuit at Apple, after controversies involving its main product, Fortnite. Check out a print of such documents that are no longer confidential:

Image: IGN/ReproductionImage: IGN/ReproductionSource: IGN/Reproduction

As you can see, the threads don’t give much detail of what Epic was talking to the console giants, but it does explain some of the company’s tactics. With Sony, for example, the offer had been “extended” to such 200 miles and Epic was expecting a return from the Japanese.

With Microsoft, talks were just beginning and there is a note about Xbox boss Phil Spencer meeting Valve CEO Gabe Newell “occasionally.” On the other hand, Epic also seems to be aware that Microsoft has its strategies against it — it’s likely they were talking about the Xbox Game Pass for PC.

With Nintendo, on the other hand, there were no promising prospects: the negotiations are described with the term “moonshot”, which, in business parlance, means something very audacious and with little chance of going well.

Returning to Sony, the documents do not say whether the 200 million were transferred, but the truth is that the company has already signaled that it will release more exclusive titles on the PC. Uncharted IV, released exclusively for the Playstation 4 in 2016, is one of the games that should soon hit computers — now it remains to be seen whether it will be via Epic or another platform.

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