European leaders try to convince US to stay longer in Afghanistan | National Newspaper

As Europe’s leaders try to convince the United States to stay longer in Afghanistan, the Taliban has threatened countries that don’t leave on Aug. 31.

O British government describes the daily scenes of queuing in Kabul as “unimaginable”. The tightening is also within the deadline that the United States has set: there are only eight days left for the American military to leave.

The UK did not have a fixed date to leave Afghanistan. The Defense Minister made it clear that won’t be able to stay when the americans leave. Ben Wallace talks about using every minute to get more civilians. But he asked for at least another day or two. The British government evacuated more than 7,000 people from Afghanistan in just over a week.

The British Prime Minister works for the extension of the deadline. Boris Johnson spoke with Joe Biden this Monday (23), and will ask for more time on Tuesday (24), at the emergency meeting of the G7, the group of most developed countries in the world. The German government joins in.

O American president has already heard of the pressure from the allies. Joe Biden admitted that there are discussions about the possibility of postponing the exit from Afghanistan, but he anticipated that he hopes not to have to extend the deadline.

The US government claims that “all NATO members were consulted, yes, on the withdrawal plan and signed the American timetable.” But Biden’s administration received criticism in the UK, the second foreign country with the most deaths in the Afghan war.

The chairman of the British Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee hopes that the Trump administration’s “America first” has not become “America alone” with Biden. A former British ambassador to Washington wondered if it was time to reduce this military dependence.

The British prime minister who started the war in Afghanistan with the United States in 2001, now speaks of a “serious error” by the current government. Tony Blair, a great ally of former US President George W. Bush, said that only people hostile to the West applaud the decision to leave the country like this.

Taliban spokesman said that extending the military presence would create distrust with the United States and provoke a backlash. He stated that the exit deadline at the end of August was non-negotiable. The Taliban has already crossed the calendar. And in red.