everything we know about the new 7-seater SUV

The launch of the Jeep Commander 2022 is near: the unprecedented 7-seater SUV will debut on August 26, when the brand will reveal all versions, equipment and their respective prices – and you can check it all out on Motor1.com. But while the brand doesn’t reveal more details of the new utility, which even appeared in full last Tuesday (17) in the Overland version, we’ve told you everything we know so far about it.

For those who don’t know, the new Commander will come to fill a large gap between the Compass and the Grand Cherokee L – a model that has actually gained a new generation and that will soon arrive in Brazil, as anticipated by some sightings of the luxury SUV driving through Minas General. Coming back to the Commander, it will be a more refined option to the Compass, being even bigger with space for 7 passengers. In addition, it will also be produced at the Jeep plant in Goiana (PE), where the Renegade, Compass and Fiat Toro are also manufactured. With this, the Commander will be the 4th model produced at the plant in Pernambuco.

Half Compass Style Half Grand Cherokee L

After numerous publicized teasers and camouflages (which were getting lighter as the launch approached) on the streets, the unprecedented Jeep Commander revealed its design on August 16, when a material made available to retailers was leaked on the internet. Coincidentally, hours later the Jeep revealed the first photos of the 7-seater SUV at dawn on the 17th, thus putting an end to the style of the most important launch of Jeep in Brazil this year.

Jeep Grand Cherokee L 2021

Jeep Grand Cherokee L

Comparison: Jeep Compass S vs.  Toyota Corolla Cross XRX Hybrid vs.  VW Taos Launch Edition

Jeep Compass

And when it comes to style, the new Jeep Commander 2022 turned out to be a pleasant surprise for detaching itself more than expected from Compass, its little brother. The front logically has the 7 vertical bars as in the average SUV, but it differs by the black finish in the central part, which ends up integrating the design of the headlights. The result is an interesting aesthetic effect, which ends up giving a more exclusive look to the utility. We just don’t know if this styling feature will be exclusive to this Overland version, which claims to be the most refined and top SUV, or if it will be available for all variants.

Jeep Commander Overland 2022
Jeep Commander Overland 2022
Jeep Commander Overland 2022

The front also has a gray bar at the bottom and top of the grille and headlights, another feature that seeks to give more authenticity to the model. We can also see that the headlights will be full-LED, which the brand calls Jeep Performance LED, which will also bring direction arrow lights with dynamic indication (instead of flashing, the lights “movement” from the center to the side). When you zoom in on the front view, you can see the sensors and radars of the semi-autonomous driving systems in the middle of the bumper.

On the front doors, the Commander name has bronze moldings, while the wheels of this version are 19 inches and fit 235/50 tires. Note their design: there is a clear reference to the golden-finished wheels of the iconic Grand Cherokee Limited from 1998. In profile, the Commander differs even more from the Compass and is inspired by the Grand Cherokee L, a generation that was spotted in Brazil.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 1998

The wheels of the Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 1998…

Jeep Commander Overland 2022

… serve as inspiration for the new Commander 2022, fully designed in Brazil

It brings the effect of “floating roof” (feature increasingly used in the industry) with black paint, which also brings a chrome trim across the top of the windows that ends at the rear of the SUV. In fact, on the back there is a spoiler with brake light that extends to this side molding, so the two pieces end up staying at the same height and integrate with the body design.

And since we started talking about the rear, the new Commander stands out for the horizontal LED headlamps “glued” to the rear window (similar to the Grand Cherokee and Grand Wagoneer) with a narrow design, with the upper part coming with a continuous line of LEDs , while in the portion below there are four separate lighting niches. Below is a chrome frame that extends across the back and integrates both sides.

Jeep Commander Overland 2022

Finally, there is a chrome rule on the bumper that connects two reflectors (and possibly the reverse and fog lights), while the rear cover has the TD 4X4 emblem on the left and Overland on the right, indicating that it is the most expensive version of the utility.

Finish promises to be a reference

If the Compass already has a reference finish among the average 5-seat SUVs, the expectation for the new Commander is that it maintains the level or even rises in position in this aspect. That’s because the videos revealed so far by Jeep show that the 7-seat SUV will feature black leather and brown suede on the seats, door panels and dashboard. The finish of the center console and the dashboard itself have bezels and edges, respectively, in bronze, while the instrument panel will be 100% digital like its little brother, also coming with the multimedia center screen highlighted on the dashboard.

The easter eggs that debuted there at Renegade in 2015 will also appear here, like the inscription Jeep 1941 on the central arm rest, a reference to the year the Willys MB was launched. But wait for others to be revealed soon. The seats also adopt brown leather and suede details embroidered on the backrest on the sides, coming with seams in a bronze tone – which also appears throughout the cabin. The refinement is reinforced by the central chess-shaped seam on the seats.

Jeep Commander Overland 2022

With the appeal of having space for 7 passengers, Jeep has already anticipated in previous teasers to show the third row of seats, which will have space for two people. This region will have an illuminated USB port on the side and, when we look down, you can see that the floor will be a little high, which leads us to the fact that the Commander will follow the custom of other 7-seat models by bringing space and better seats for children or adults on shorter trips. However, we’ll be sure what the 3rd row space looks like when we see the car in person at its 26th launch.

Jeep Commander Overland 2022
Jeep Commander 2022 - Teasers
Jeep Commander 2022 - Teasers

The second row will have a dedicated air conditioning outlet, as well as a probable USB port – so essential in this age of smartphones. The seats will have the same plaid pattern upholstery with leather and suede upholstery, and come with a folding system to give access to the third row.

SUV will be well equipped

The new Commander will have the aforementioned digital instrument panel (which should have 10.21 inches like the Compass) and multimedia center with a 10.1″ floating screen, which will certainly have the same functions as its little brother, like the Android Wireless Auto and Apple CarPlay, as well as the Adventure Intelligence platform, which allows the use of a smartphone app to lock and unlock the car, start the engine, track the car, among other features.

Jeep Commander Overland 2022

From the videos revealed so far we can say that the new Commander will also have an adaptive speed controller (see the distance adjustment button for the car in front) and a speed limiter, which, being the same system as the Compass, will probably have license plate recognition, braking automatic emergency, automatic high beam and more.

Jeep Commander Overland 2022
Jeep Commander 2022 - Teasers

It will bring the same Compass steering wheel with traditional sound controls and smartphone connections. Look at the center panel just below the multimedia screen and you’ll see the Lane Stay Assist, Park Assist, and Stability Control buttons.

In previous videos, Jeep also revealed buttons on the center console with various functions such as electronic parking brake, descent assist, driving mode selector and 4WD Low and 4WD Lock functions, items that should be restricted to versions equipped with 2.0 turbodiesel engine. with 4×4 traction. The panoramic electric sunroof will also be present.

Diesel engine can be more powerful

Jeep also confirmed that the 7-seat SUV will have turboflex and turbodiesel engine options, in addition to 4×2 and 4×4 traction. Although not revealing which engine will actually be, it is more than certain that the turboflex thruster is the same one that debuted in the Compass 2022: the 1.3 turbo that produces 185 hp at 5,750 rpm and 27.5 kgfm of torque at 1,750 rpm, always associated with the 6-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive.

It remains to be seen if the Commander 1.3 turbo will perform as well as the Compass, which weighs around 1585 kg. In other words, with a bigger size and surpassing the 4.40 meters in length of its little brother, the Commander will probably be heavier and maybe need extra breath.

Jeep Commander Overland 2022

But there are rumors about the diesel engine (also confirmed by Jeep), which will keep the 2.0 four-cylinder turbo, but which according to speculation in India would receive a power boost to approximately 200 hp (the current one has 170 hp at 3,750 rpm and 35.7 kgfm at 1,750 rpm), besides that it could gain a 48 volt hybrid-light system – which would act mainly during accelerations. The updated propellant would deliver optimized pollutant emission and fuel consumption rates (which in the current engine is already highlighted).

Regardless, the 2.0 turbodiesel engine of the current range works with a 9-speed automatic transmission and 4×4 traction, with a driving mode selector that will include a mode that uses 1st gear as “reduced”, as it exists in Compass, Renegade and Fiat Toro. If the lightweight hybrid engine is not guaranteed, the expectation is that it will maintain the same 170 hp and a good 35.7 kgfm or at least receive an overhaul to provide more power and torque to better handle the larger size of the Commander.

Jeep highlights that the new Commander was developed from the beginning at the Betim Automotive Pole, in Minas Gerais, in partnership with the Goiana Automotive Pole, in Pernambuco. The automaker also reinforces the fact that the model is the only SUV in the D-segment (large SUVs) designed entirely in Brazil.

As future rivals, he should have the VW Tiguan Allspace R-Line (R$236,090), Caoa Chery Tiggo 8 (R$185,990) and Mitsubishi Outlander (R$208,990 to R$283,990), all also 7-seater SUVs . In addition to being sold in Brazil, the new Jeep Commander 2022 will also be exported to Latin American countries.

Pre-sale confirmed for the 26th

Jeep has confirmed that it will pre-order an initial batch of 500 units of the new Commander on the day of its launch on August 26 at 10 am. Anyone interested in the new 7-seater SUV will have to shell out 5,000 to place the order, which can be done either in one dedicated site as in the brand’s dealerships in Brazil. Once the down payment has been made, the customer will receive an e-mail confirming the order and, if the pre-sale purchase is made over the internet, they will be instructed to go to a store to complete the purchase.

Pre-order purchased units will bring a welcome kit for their owner. It will consist of a leather travel bag with the logo and model name, as well as a case with Jeep hygiene products. Another bonus is for those who buy the SUV until the end of the pre-sale (October 7th): all buyers will get the first three free reviews. For those who purchase as an individual, at retail, Jeep will pay the value of the FIPE table in Renegade or Second-hand Compass used as input.

Stay tuned, as its launch is this week, next Thursday (26) – and you can check all the details of versions, prices and equipment here on Motor1.com.

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