Exclusive: Crefisa extends sponsorship contract with Palmeiras – 08/23/2021

This Monday afternoon (23), Leila Pereira, sponsor and candidate for the presidency of Palmeiras, and current president Mauricio Galiotte agreed to renew Crefisa’s sponsorship contract with the club for 3 years. The value can reach R$ 120 million per year, including awards. Without prizes, the agreement guarantees Palmeiras the biggest sponsorship in South America: R$83 million/year.

The official announcement will be made next Wednesday, the eve of the club’s anniversary. Renewed during the pandemic, the contract maintains the same properties (shirt, CT plates, stadium properties). Sponsor since 2015, Leila Pereira will continue stamping the Crefisa and FAM brand on green uniforms.

The new agreement (worded since June) momentarily frees the club’s presidential candidate Leila from the nagging question of how she would deal with the issue if she wins the election, scheduled for November. The topic has been frequently addressed in his interviews about the candidacy.

At the same time, however, another expectation arises because, with the renewal for three years, the sponsorship period ends up coinciding with the very duration of his possible term of office.