Extended action of R$ 100 until August 31 to pay bills for Serasa

Extended action of R$ 100 until August 31 to pay bills for Serasa A Serasa’s action which allows defaulters to negotiate their debts with companies and be able to settle accounts with up to 99% off, paying up to R$ 100, was extended until August, 31.

This year, more than R$ 12 billion are being offered in discounts on more than 14 million debts. Agreements are closed in less than three minutes, and consultations can be made. for free, on official channels: through the serasalimpanome.com.br website; by the Serasa app; by WhatsApp (11) 99575-2096; or by calling 0800-591-1222.

According to the Map of Default in Brazil, a study by Serasa released in May, Brazil has 62.56 million defaulters, with the average debt amount per person being R$3,937.98.

“Serasa’s purpose is to offer solutions to improve the financial health of the population and we realized, from the result of this action in 2020, that it was essential for millions of Brazilians to be able to pay their debts with excellent conditions. At this very difficult moment, we believe that the R$ 100 share is, once again, an excellent option for Brazilians to negotiate their debts for an amount that fits in their pockets and can regain access to credit”, says Nathalia Dirani, manager of the Serasa.

In all, there are 24 participating companies. Among them are: Avon, BMG, Bradesco, Casas Bahia, Claro, Itaú, Renner, Riachuelo, Ponto, Pernambucanas and Vivo, among others.

Because of the pandemic, Serasa advises people to prioritize digital media, but those who prefer to negotiate in person can resort to one of the Post Office units.

How do I trade online?

1) To take advantage of the initiative, simply access the Serasa Limpa Nome platform, enter the CPF and fill out a brief registration form.

2) When entering the platform, all the consumer’s financial information will already appear on the screen, including the debts he has. If you want to know the conditions offered for payment, just click on one of them, and the options to renegotiate each debt will be presented.

3) After selecting one of the value options, just choose whether the payment will be in cash or in installments and the best due date.

4) Serasa’s platform generates one or more slips, depending on the payment method chosen, with the correct expiration date. The ticket can be paid either online or at a bank branch or at a lottery shop.