“Fake, sham and cynical,” says Mirella to Nadja on Island Record – RecordTV

The return of the Exiles to Vila da Island Record it stirred the spirits of explorers and brought old feuds to the fore. The famous bullshit gained space and shook the reality show; check out!

Return of Any, Dinei and Mirella

Any and Mirella won the Special Survival Challenge and they chose Dinei to return with them to the Vila.

As soon as he saw Dinei, Pyong commented, “Whoa!” The former athlete replied: “Fuck nothing. I’m back. I know everything.”

Dinei went straight to the bedroom, but continued the confrontation with Pyong Lee.

“Don’t underestimate me. There’s no soft body here. I ran for your friend [Thomaz]. It doesn’t come cute to my side,” he declared.

Arrival of Nanah and Thomaz in Exile

Claudinho, Lucas Selfie and MC Negão from BL welcomed Nanah with open arms. With Thomaz, however, the reaction was different.

The quartet criticized the actor’s attitudes in the competition. The confrontation continued for several days.

Thomaz was upset by the situation and couldn’t hold back his tears.

Any and Antonela

Any secured a spot in the Vila, but came back with “fire” in her eyes. Face to face, the DJ spoke everything she thinks about Antonela.

“You [Antonela] should be embarrassed in the face. He’s the worst person I’ve ever met in my life,” he said.

Upon hearing Any’s comments, Dinei and Mirella agreed with every word. The Argentine was hurt by the situation and cried. Laura gave her colleague a hug to comfort her.

Antonela even apologized to each of the explorers and explained that their attitudes were based on the game.

Mirella and Nadja

Mirella has returned from Exile to prove that she is not “someone”. The Sealing Twin argued with Nadja in front of all the explorers and called her opponent a fake, feigned and cynical.

The actress didn’t like her colleague’s attitude at all: “What I have to say, I’ll say it to your face. I’m not afraid of you. You close yourself off to my side. Respect me, you kid,” she declared.

With so many changes in the Village, will the allied groups remain the same? Keep watching!

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