Felipe Melo can renew, Barros’ future, new contract with Crefisa, new shirt, explanation by Luiz Adriano and more! The latest from Palmeiras

Palmeiras re-appeared at the Soccer Academy this Monday, a day after losing to Cuiabá at Allianz Parque. The result left the team stagnant in the second place with 32 points. If they win their commitment tonight, Atlético-MG may open eight points at the top.

In addition to the re-presentation, other issues marked Verdão at the beginning of the week. Check out!

With a contract until December, defensive midfielder Felipe Melo can continue in Verdão. Who confirmed it was Leila Pereira, candidate for the presidency of the club. Elections will take place in November.

As well as Felipe, another one who could continue is Anderson Barros, football executive. If elected, the businesswoman promises to talk and analyze numbers and results with the professional.

Leila sees no conflict of interest and confirms that the partnership will be renewed. Maurício Galiotte should discuss the matter shortly with the businesswoman.

The third shirt from Palmeira was leaked on a gringo website. According to the images, it is possible to see that there will be a tribute to the three titles won in 2020. The triple crown will be exalted in the new garment.

Vitor Castanheira, assistant to Abel Ferreira, explained why Luiz Adriano has not been receiving opportunities. Against Cuiabá, Veron and Breno Lopes also did not enter. Deyverson was given a chance and lost several goals, being extremely criticized on social networks and increasing the goal starvation: there are already eleven games without shaking the nets.

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