Fitness cancelled? New season causes split at Globo’s top summit · TV News

A soap opera made for young people and serving Globo to train new talents since 1995, Malhação is in the hot seat. Currently, there is a division at the top of the network about the production of a new season of the series. Executives evaluate pros and cons before hitting the hammer, but try to find a project that replaces the soap opera and brings renewal to the evening time.

The director of Entertainment at Globo, Ricardo Waddington, who has already saved the production from cancellation in 1999 is trying to give Malhação a survival. for advertisers.

O TV news found that a study was carried out which showed that Malhação usually gives the same audience as Vale a Pena Ver de Novo. In some cases, the ibope is even smaller than the afternoon rerun, which hinders a better performance of the six o’clock soap opera — it needs to do well to leverage all the channel’s prime time.

Malhação used to be a program that raised the audience, but a few years ago it became a problem. To save her, even an author from outside Globo has already been called up, different strategies have been applied and big stars of the channel have been recruited.

However, Globo is already seeking a renewal in its grid, an objective that was strengthened with the change of the all-powerful in the direction of the company. A proof of this was the definitive departure of Fausto Silva, which will culminate in the entry of Luciano Huck on Sunday afternoons from September 5th.

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What to put in place?

One of the ideas under discussion is to put a live youth entertainment program on the air. The biggest defender of the end of Malhação is Amauri Soares, Globo’s programming director. For him, Malhação would have already left Globo’s grid.

Who argues against and still holds the soap opera is Ricardo Waddington. 22 years ago, when Malhação was going through a bad phase, the director saved the program with the creation of the Múltipla Escolha phase. With the Covid-19 pandemic and the pile-up of the season that would begin to be produced, reruns are filling the gap. Leaving the time for re-runs only is also an option considered.

Another important point questioned internally is that Malhação no longer produces that many talents for Globo. In recent years, the young actors who leave the plot are hired by the competition — many will end up in soap operas by Record or in projects on streaming platforms.

For now, the rerun of Malhação Sonhos (2014) is still on the air and will run its normal course until the beginning of 2022. In July, sought after by the report, Globo reported that Malhação would be the last soap opera to have recordings resumed due to logistical reasons. .

“Because it always has a younger cast, Malhação has the actors and actresses who will be the last to be vaccinated against Covid. Each season of Malhação also has a very large number of chapters, almost double that of a 6 pm soap opera, for example. All of this has an impact on planning. But Malhação will return to the grid, with an unprecedented season, and a surprising story,” said the network at the time.

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