Fla sees success in the market and prepares the final strike with an eye on the calendar

The signings of Andreas Pereira and Kenedy are much celebrated by Flamengo, which saw in business a show of strength in the ball market when it was successful in transactions with the English giants Manchester United and Chelsea.

The red-black appetite for at least one more boost follows. However, the club lives a race against time and calculates the investments with an eye on the registration calendar for the competitions.

If you want another new name suitable for the Copa do Brasil, Fla has until today to strengthen. The chance is considered minimal and this influences the red-black movements in the negotiations.

Flamengo’s old target, Thiago Mendes, for example, is even more distant in this scenario. As Lyon does not give up receiving just over R$ 16 million for the loan, Rubro-Negro understands that the proposed bases are even more unfeasible without the player being able to be enrolled in the national knockout.

With an eye on alternatives abroad, Fla also has other key dates in sight. On the 28th, the deadline for the arrival of athletes from abroad ends. On the next 31st, the main leagues end their registration period for reinforcements.

If they don’t bring anyone else until the last minute of next Friday, Fla will have to content themselves with looking for pieces that can play the Libertadores (up to 72 hours before the semi) and the Brazilian (September 24), whose registration deadlines are still more comfortable.

The crimson blacks look for a defender and close on their targets. Name that has circulated in recent days, David Luiz is considered an expensive player, although the Cariocas refuse to close their doors to the possibility.

“If you talk about a defender, there will always be someone on our list and it has to be like that. But we have nothing to talk about David Luiz, there was no proximity, no issue related to the proposal, there is nothing like that,” said the vice deputy. football Marcos Braz.

In favor of the club, there is a scarcity of offers from the Old Continent, which can lead to a closer approach. Flamengo believes that the life of the former national team player is more about a career choice than a financial one, and the last hours of the ball market in European football may dictate the pace of this conversation.

“We know very well how much David Luiz costs. But there’s nothing close, I’m not going to fool the crowd,” added Braz.

Thiago Mendes: difficult situation

Thiago Mendes - Jeroen Meuwsen/Soccrates/Getty Images - Jeroen Meuwsen/Soccrates/Getty Images

Thiago Mendes is in Flamengo’s crosshairs

Image: Jeroen Meuwsen/Soccrates/Getty Images

The dream for Thiago Mendes, from Lyon (FRA), is still alive, but increasingly distant. Contacts continue frequently with the French directors and businessman Paulo Pitombeira, but the club does not give a single millimeter in the request for 2.6 million euros (R$ 16.3 million) for the loan.

The two-time Brazilian champion sees the value as unfeasible, even if it were deducted in a future purchase, which would be fixed at approximately (R$ 62.9 million). Braz revealed that Mendes has made every effort to come to the club, but that his moves haven’t had any effect yet.

“In the case of Thiago Mendes, he did everything to be able to come to Flamengo. He made an agreement with his club to be able to come here, he did everything he could. We understood the decision and went our way, with the necessary financial commitment,” said the director.