Flow Server will be inaugurated with Baile de MC Poze do Rodo

Complex, the city of Fluxo in GTA Roleplay, will open this Monday (23), at 20h.

In addition to bringing together professional players and influencers from the organization, the inauguration of the Complex will be marked by the dance of the MC Poze do Rodo, broadcast directly from Rio de Janeiro into the game. Poze will be accompanied by nobru, Wax, Bak and Fac.

Several influencers and big names from the GTA RP scene were invited to the inauguration of the Complex.

Check out the list:

Jon Vlogs, Luqueta, Ale Maze, Rajah, Master K9, Syaz, Boca de 09, Weedzão, Guy, Cupinxa, Stone, Brick, Leonsio, Anciaes, Red, Jennifer, Nan, Carioca, Carioca9 Audaz, Enzo Roberto, Cotonete, DCosta , Gwen, ThuliuM, Baixada, Nine, Jhowrj, DablioPonto, FanhoRP, Lannik, Lua, SrDPlay, BrunaBlince, Orcamis, Cheese, Kiko Franchin, Onezera, Bobbyzeraa, Kabuto RJ, Odilas, Rainha Matos, Veronesiii, Pescoçofino, Brk Tawna, Xarutinho, NoiskitaBR, FusionTV, Ovotz, Xarutinho, Pogzera, Modder, Dantas, HKaminici, Viniz0x, Kjota, Bonattow, aKresiV, Coronellx, RickGangstar, Silvão do GTA, Megdal, Its Kamih, Omirati, Regispado.

Founder of Fluxo, Nobru believes that the inauguration of the Complex will be marked in the organization’s history.

That’s it, family, we arrived in the world of RolePlay with both feet in the door and ready to make history! Today we are going to debut our server soon with a ball called Mc Poze do Rodo, for him to see how beautiful our complex is. I’m going to Rio to watch this show closely, enjoy every second and show that we didn’t come for fun. Business will be different in our Complex, forget it!“, exalted Nobru.

After the opening, the Complex will be open to the public. To enter the server, in addition to having the GTA 5 and the mod fiveM installed, you need to access Discord (complex.gg) and register on the server’s Whitelist (pre-selection/waiting list). The Complex has capacity for up to 1,024 simultaneous players.

The Complex promises to compete directly with the Uptown, currently the biggest GTA RP server, sponsored by LOUD. The entry of Nobru and Cerol’s organization into the Roleplay scenario was predictable, since, in addition to JonVlogs, they hired Luquet4, one of the big names on the scene in Brazil.

Flow wasn’t born to stay only in Free Fire. We are an organization that wants to grow within esports and we are always looking for projects that meet this objective. When we brought Jon to join our team, there was already the possibility of developing the Complex and joining the GTA, which is one of the things he has mastered. Now, with LuquEt4 also on the team, there’s nothing for anyone. Let’s go all the way up!“, commented Cerol, co-founder of Fluxo.