Football director speaks of São Paulo’s structural problems: “We haven’t invested for a long time”

Carlos Belmonte, football director of the São Paulo, used their social networks to talk about the club’s structural problems. The director stated that the board’s plan is to return to investing in Reffis and CT da Barra Funda, ensuring that the Tricolor “will again be a reference”.

“To modernize Reffis and the entire TC in Barra Funda is our priority. Last Friday we had a meeting with Crespo and Muricy. Saturday, already here in Recife, with the Medical and Physical Preparation Departments. We have been without investing for a long time. in structure. Let’s go back to being a reference”, said Belmonte and his profile locked in Twitter.

Carlos Belmonte, on his Twitter (Photo: Reproduction/Twitter)

Coach Hernán Crespo had already commented about the topic after the São Paulo victory over Sport, this last Sunday. “It’s a situation we must live with. We know that if we reach 33 injuries this season, things are not going well, but we are in a period of rebuilding everything. Certainly, decisions will be taken in the future to improve, build, not only at a technical level, but at a structural level”.

“We can only hope that these things slowly start to happen. We’re not going to solve this today, it’s not going to happen, because São Paulo has had to improve in terms of structure for a long time. So, I believe and I think we are going to make a good project for the future”, concluded Crespo.

The Medical Department of São Paulo has suffered many challenges this season. With 33 injuries throughout the year, the team is unable to have its entire squad available and cases of physical problems are accumulating. The most recent embezzlement was that of defender Arboleda, who suffered a new injury to his right thigh and will be absent from the team for the next few weeks.

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