Fortaleza mayor participates in party without mask and apologizes: ‘As a public man, I have to set an example’ | Ceará

The mayor of Fortaleza, Sarto Nogueira, participated in a weekend wedding party with several people without a mask in Jericoacoara, tourist destination on the coast of Ceará. This Tuesday (24), after circulating images of the party on social networks, Sarto apologized for the “carelessness”.

Last weekend I went to my niece’s wedding. Although social events are allowed for up to 200 people in open spaces, as in this case, and everyone has tested negative for Covid-19 or taken both doses of the vaccine, in my example, many were without masks. The truth is that the pandemic has been affecting us for a long time and we sometimes neglect it. But, as a public figure, I have to set an example, especially in my capacity as a doctor and mayor. For this, my sincere apology”, published the mayor on social networks.

In the post, the mayor also spoke about the advance of vaccination in the capital and stressed that “it is not time to be reckless”. “Coronavirus is still a real risk for each of us and the protocols apply to everyone,” he said.

The marriage was that of Elpídio Nogueira’s daughter, Sarto’s brother and municipal secretary of Culture in Fortaleza. Other politicians were present at the event.

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Events with up to 200 people in open places are allowed in the state, according to the decree in force against the propagation of Covid-19. However, it is necessary that sanitary measures are complied with, including the mandatory use of a protective mask during the party, which was not complied with by the municipal manager and guests.

Fortaleza mayor, Sarto Nogueira, apologized after attending the wedding of the daughter of the capital’s Secretary of Culture, Elpíio Nogueira, without a protective mask and in the midst of the crowd. — Photo: Personal archive

On Monday night, after the images of the party started to be shared, Elpídio Nogueira spoke on social networks and made some clarifications about his daughter’s party, which, according to him, was canceled three times due to the committee’s protocols. of combating the new coronavirus.

The Culture Secretary of Fortaleza informed that the ceremony was held outdoors, the presentation of the vaccination card was required and all the guests were tested.

“I’ve seen some nasty and uninformed comments, so here’s this clarification: 1. Ceremony held outdoors (Jericoacoara). 2. It was required to present a Covid-19 vaccination card for all people who are participating. 3. No Sunday morning all people took a swab test (about 140 people) 4. All people tested negative for Covid-19 5. In addition, the party was outdoors with fewer people than allowed in the current decree. . Temperature test in access to the place and availability of alcohol gel for everyone. That said, I wish the newlyweds much happiness,” published Elpídio Nogueira.

Wedding party of the daughter of the secretary of Culture of Fortaleza, Elpídio Nogueira, held in Jericoacoara, had scenes of non-compliance with sanitary measures against Covid-19. — Photo: Reproduction

The images posted on social media show Mayor Sarto standing in a hall, without a mask, while a band performs live. It is possible to notice that, in addition to the mayor, the other guests who are in the place also do not use the protection accessory and social distancing is also not fulfilled.

The actions seen at the wedding party do not comply with the protocol measures for holding events at buffets in Ceará, released by the Secretariat of Health of Ceará (Sesa) at the end of July.

According to the rules of protocol, space for dancing or lounges are prohibited. Regarding the use of the mask, all guests (participants), employees and workers must remain with the protective accessory throughout the event, and its removal is allowed, exclusively, for the ingestion of food and beverages. In the case of the newlyweds, it is also allowed for them to be unmasked during the photographs.

In addition, for events involving artistic presentations, such as at the wedding, the artist must comply with a distance of two meters, not sharing equipment and instruments, and without physical contact during the presentations.

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