Free Fire Announces FF Squad, LBFF Game in the Style of FC Top Hat | Battle Royale

In FF SQUAD, players can create their teams with five players and a coach to compete in each LBFF round. The performance of the teams in the competition will influence the users’ points, as well as the increase or decrease of the athletes’ market value.

Player appreciation or depreciation will be formulated according to number of kills, assists, damage, MVP, team drop placement and first kill. Metrics for coaches will be considered by team kills and team position in the takedown.

To create an account on FF SQUAD, you must have an active Free Fire profile. After creating the login, the player will receive an amount of coins to start hiring and, with that, move the market. As with Cartola FC, players can also create custom leagues and invite their friends to compete against each other. The FF SQUAD can be accessed through the website