Gabi Prado shocks when she exposes the whole truth about A Fazenda and details about Record

Gabi Prado
Gabi Prado surprised when talking about possible censorship of Record (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

Gabi Prado made a revelation about the spicy scenes that the record cuts while displaying The farm. The famous was in conversation with MC Mirella about the reality and said that the station censors the images.

The subject came up in the video when the funkeira talked about her relationship with Stéfani Bays. Dynho Alves’ girlfriend declared that she almost had a romance with the digital influencer. The two were very close on the show.

Gabi Prado, then, said that the sex scenes are cut from the attraction of Record. In her edition, she got involved with João Zoli and they went under the duvet many times.

“I fucked the entire farm. And nobody even knew. And I didn’t pass the edition because I only talked about sex. I think I’m a nymphomaniac”, declared the influencer.

MC Mirella commented that the lack of sex made her crazy. “I stayed for two months. I was crazy. You can’t do anything. That bathroom, how do you do something…”, he vented, noting that it is also not allowed to bring a vibrator to the program.

Gabi also revealed that Caique Aguiar and Fernanda Lacerda had sex several times during the season in which they participated.

According to the ex-On Vacation with the Ex, the main reason for the censorship is the fact that Record is a broadcaster linked to religion.

“It’s because Record is an evangelical broadcaster. I’m going to graduate as a presenter and I know I’ll never perform there. because i can’t speak [cita vários palavrões]. What will I present? O [Rodrigo] Carelli sends a pastor to exorcise me”, he joked.

Recently, Felipe Prior was at Casa Malibu and had a special moment with Gabi Prado. The famous duo were participating in a group dynamic and one of the inmates asked them to kiss.

Prior kissed the ex-Fazenda with a tongue kiss and cheered up: “I kissed Gabi Prado. I think the internet will stop it there. That made for a gigantic ship”.

Gabi imagined that her reality mate was liking her and commented on his kiss: “I think the Prior was always in love with me. Kiss well”.

The ex-BBB, in turn, was not so enthusiastic about turning this kiss into something else: “I don’t know… Gabi is really nice, but she’s a really crazy girl. Can you imagine taking her to a family dinner?!”.

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