Globo calls Galvão to Brazil vs Argentina in war tactic for Huck’s debut · TV News

Globo mounted a war operation to bomb the ibope on September 5, the date that will mark the debut of presenter Luciano Huck on Sundays. The station selected the narrator Galvão Bueno to narrate the match between Brazil and Argentina, valid for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. The game starts at 4 pm (Brasilia time) and was carefully chosen to deliver the audience at a good level for Domingão with Huck.

Along with Galvão, will be commentators Junior and Caio Ribeiro. The broadcast of the game against Chile, scheduled for September 2, will also be hosted by the 71-year-old narrator, but the comments will be from Casagrande and Roger Flores.

The World Cup Qualifiers games will all be aired on SporTV. On pay TV, Luiz Carlos Jr. narrates Brasil x Chile with comments by Ana Thaís Matos and Ricardinho. Gustavo Villani takes over the broadcast on Sunday between Brazil and Argentina, alongside commentators Paulo Vinicius Coelho and Pedrinho.

The choice of time for the South American classic was not made by chance. According to the TV news, Brazil x Argentina in the traditional soccer schedule was a request from Globo, which wants to use the game’s appeal to make Luciano Huck have the best possible debut on the new program.

The departure time was defined in conjunction with the national federations. Conmebol, which organizes the competition, only endorses the choices made by its partners. Globo already knew it would have Brazilian national team games on those dates, and used its influence to score the best game in favor of its schedule.

The games that Globo would have available to broadcast from Brasileirão on that date would be Ceará x Palmeiras and Chapecoense x Fluminense — that is, without great attractions. The classic of selections never scored bad numbers and always raised the station’s average when aired.

In addition to Brazil x Argentina, Globo will air the match between the team and Chile on the 2nd, at 11 pm; and the match against Peru, on the 9th, at 9:30 pm.