Goose surgery is a success; sock will be discharged until wednesday

After suffering a fracture in the radius, bone of the forearm, in the return game of the quarterfinals of the Libertadores, Paulo Henrique Ganso underwent surgery this Monday (23), at Copa Star, a hospital in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro. The operation was a success, and the Fluminense midfielder will be discharged until Wednesday (25).

According to a report signed by doctor Rickson Moraes, one of the orthopedists who operated on the midfielder alongside Eduardo Vasquez and Rodrigo Berlink, the frame is “evolving as scheduled”.

The trio left the prognosis for the player’s return, however, to the club. The shirt 10 does not have a recovery time estimated by the Tricolor’s medical department.

Goose Injury - Disclosure - Disclosure

Lesão de Ganso, from Fluminense, was an invoice on the radio, forearm bone

Image: Disclosure

Plate goose - Reproduction - Reproduction

Goose placed a plate and screws in the radio, forearm bone

Image: Reproduction

Starting against Barcelona in Ecuador, Ganso had a good game until he tried a bike, almost scored a great goal and fractured his arm. The player left the field crying in pain. The match was only the 11th of the midfielder in 2021. For Fluminense, the player has 102 matches, nine goals and nine assists.