Grêmio refuses Spain’s proposal by attacking midfielder Jean Pyerre

Grêmio refused an offer by Alaves for attacking midfielder Jean Pyerre, according to the UOL Sport. The Spanish club sought out the Gaucho leaders recently with the idea of ​​taking the player formed in the Grêmio base on loan with a purchase option.

At 23, Jean Pyerre has a contract with Grêmio until the end of 2023. The termination penalty provided for in the contract is 120 million euros (R$ 758 million at the current price).

Alavés proposed a loan without payment to Grêmio, but with an indication of using Jean Pyerre’s purchase option at the end of the season in Europe. The board of directors of the club from Rio Grande do Sul immediately rejected the possibility on account of the terms.

The Spanish team also indicated the inclusion of the so-called “showcase right”, that is, percentage in an eventual transfer to another team after good performances in the Spanish Championship. With the conditions, the boards didn’t even reach a value on the value of the purchase option.

The window for international transfers in Spanish football remains open until 31 August, but at the moment the possibility of Alaves returning and presenting a new offer is considered unlikely.

In Grêmio’s reserve, Jean Pyerre received another proposal in 2021: he was from Vancouver Whitecaps, from Canada, and who plays in MLS (Major League Soccer). The offer came to seduce the player, but there was no agreement with the club from Rio Grande do Sul and the Canadian directors withdrew from the operation soon after the first contacts.

Revealed in Grêmio’s youth categories, Jean Pyerre debuted in the professional team at the end of 2017. In 2019, he became the team’s starter, but since then he has suffered from injuries and muscle discomfort. In the current season, Jean Pyerre participated in 29 of the 48 games played by Grêmio. In minutes, he has the equivalent of 18.8 matches. With four goals and four assists.