Grêmio will buy more economic rights from Vanderson and plans a million-dollar sale in the future

Grêmio will take another step towards guaranteeing the economic rights of right-back Vanderson and is preparing to buy another 20% of the player. The percentage refers to a determination that counts in the scope of the player’s contract with Immortal, which equally shares the athlete’s rights with Rio Branco, from Americana-SP.

The negotiation is foreseen in a contract with a deadline to take place until August 31st. To acquire the determined 20%, Grêmio will spend R$ 200 thousand and thus, keep 70% of the rights of the right-back. The information is from

The move to hold Vanderson’s rights is a strategy that could yield profits in the future, as the full-back is in the sights of clubs such as Milan, Tottenham, Spartak Moscow and Arsenal. The interest aroused in European clubs went further, including surveys carried out with the player’s manager, Mário Cruz.

An English club, which is not in the top echelon of that country’s teams, presented an offer, but Grêmio ruled out any transaction for the moment, precisely because it knows the 20-year-old’s potential for future sales. With a higher percentage, the profit value will increase, and the Tricolor, in this way, can obtain more interesting gains.

Vanderson’s contract with Immortal runs until December 31, 2025. The agreement made between the player and the club, shielded an exit, increasing the value of the termination fine specifically targeting international clubs. It is estimated that to hire Vanderson it is necessary to spend around 100 million euros (R$ 620 million at the current price). Before the last renovation, this value was around 50 million euros.