Hacks are already being sold to be used in the technical tests of Battlefield 2042

Game is not even available for testing yet and website is already ensuring security to use their software

Technical tests for the Battlefield 2042 are getting closer and closer and a lot of people are waiting to be able to try the new game from AND THE, but this experience may end up being hampered by hackers even before the official release of the game. That’s because a website specializing in the sale of cheating software is already warning that a hack for the game will be available in September, allowing players to use it to be among the best players in the world while still in the game’s testing phase..

Of course, hacking in games is nothing new, the main current multiplayer games have to face thousands of cheaters every day, but it is impressive to be impressed with the speed that this software will reach in the new game developed by DICE. Who is currently selling this hack for the new battlefield is one of the top cheat selling sites in the world, which claims that as soon as the test becomes available, players will be able to enjoy several advantages..

Among the features present in the website program, the settings for AIMBOT, which can work in a variety of ways, whether it’s constantly being fixed on enemies or locking and shooting rivals when the player presses a button. Also, during the game the software will also mark enemies on the screen, highlighting them and giving the exact distance to help anyone using snipers, also showing the location of rivals on the minimap.

Credits: Reproduction / CharlieIntel

But one of the main points of this site in particular to attract buyers to its hack is security, they claim it’s safe to use their software and that no action will take place because of it.. According to them, not even game developers can have access to “advanced features like security shields or proxy IPs” to be able to locate and capture players using hacks.

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To always keep your program always functional and undetectable, so they update the software along with game updates, which gets in the way a lot in locating these malicious players. What is more worrying is the size of the registered player base on the site, according to them, more than 1.2 million users are already registered on the platform and a user with their software has never been banned or discovered in a franchise game battlefield.

This is bad news for the Battlefield 2042, which hasn’t had all its features and news released yet, but already has a hack that promises to greatly unbalance online matches. What remains now is to see what the AND THE and DICE will do to work around this problem.


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Source: CharlieIntel, WCCFTech