Have you seen this? Referee regrets marking and kneels on the lawn – 08/23/2021

An unusual image of Danish football traveled the world this weekend. In the match between Vendsyssel FF and FC Fredericia, for the second division of the local league, which ended up tied at 1-1, this Sunday (22/8).

During Fredericia’s attack – in black – referee Nils Heer whistles and instantly kneels on the pitch, recognizing the error shortly after stopping play.

The referee saw a foul in favor of the visiting team and whistled before the end of the rally, when the ball fell to the attacker who had a clear chance of scoring, featuring an advantage. At that point, Fredericia was losing 1-0 to the home team, Vendsyssel.

Fredericia’s players even started to complain, but realizing the referee’s reaction and his clear regret for having missed the move, they gave up. Heer continued to lament, with his hand on his face, and received “slaps” on the back from players ‘forgiving’ the failure.

See the bid below: