Hemerson Maria cries in farewell to Vila Nova and says he would not be “players’ puppet”

After three games ahead of Vila Nova Futebol Clube, coach Hemerson Maria resigned from the colorado team on the afternoon of last Monday (23). This Tuesday morning (24), the coach made a statement to say goodbye and explain his departure after 11 days in charge of the team.

Moved, he thanked the employees and said that the desire was to help the club in another Serie B. “Maybe it’s one of the saddest days of my sporting life. The attitude I had was in favor of Vila Nova, the respect and affection I have, so that I don’t end up interfering with the team’s process during the championship”, justified the coach.

Hemerson Maria revealed that the players complained about the coach’s attitude during the technical stoppage of the match against Botafogo, when Vila Nova lost 2-0. According to him, even with the reaction in the second half, more charges were made after the defeat by 3 to 2. Request for concentration, focus and questioning why so much oscillation on the field were made, however, there was no response and reaction from the athletes at the time.

“Unfortunately, what I didn’t find here was support from the players,” said Hemerson, who confirmed information brought by commentator Charlie Pereira at Sagres that the decision to leave Vila Nova came after the athletes’ re-presentation meeting last Monday afternoon (23).

“To my surprise, when I started to make some notes, some observations, there was an opposite manifestation of players thinking that the situation is normal, that it is a winning group, that reached (the final) in the Goiano Championship, that not everything is bad and that he had a good participation in the Copa do Brasil”, revealed the coach.

“I found the group’s reaction strange, I thought it was totally disproportionate. When we moved on to another topic of conversation, there was an impactful reaction, perhaps the strongest from group of players to coach in my entire career”, said Hemerson, who highlighted that one athlete was chosen as ‘spokesperson’ by the cast for show dissatisfaction with the work methodology imposed by him.

“Questions were made about the lectures, training duration, system and even training schedule. Something I’ve never seen in football, it disappointed me a lot. They questioned my tone of voice, the way I talk to them”, explained the coach.

Finally, Hemerson Maria said that he made the decision because there cannot be a ‘value reversal’ and the group direct the training, the time, the days it has to be and the way it will play.

“I realized that to stay here and get results, I would have to change my way of being and my methodology, and that doesn’t exist. A good part of the group of players showed me and proved that they don’t want to buy my idea. I’m not going to be a puppet and led by a group of players who may not be aware of the importance of wearing the Vila Nova shirt and playing in a Brazilian Championship”.

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